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back to square one

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Well, it's back to square one on the homestudy front. The person we were hoping could do the homestudy isn't licensed in our state and doesn't have any contacts for us. So, I'm back to calling everyone I can think of, trying to track someone down to do the homestudy. Honestly, the biggest problem isn't finding someone to do the report - it's finding someone we can afford!
We're pretty good at doing these adoptions on a shoe-string budget - we've found free notaries, saved nickels and dimes on postage, do as much communication by e-mail as we can and are having most of our stuff notarized in a state that has a cap on the expense couples have to spend on adoption-related apostilles (Missouri). I've even talked my company into letting me use my long-term sick days bank for our adoption trip (even though it has never been done before.)
But after three international adoptions our bank accounts are empty. We're not even convinced we have scraped together enough money to do this one last time. Not only that, but we need to be responsible to the children we have already at home by not going into further debt - and paying over $1200 for a homestudy doesn't seem very responsible!
Our first homestudy in '99 cost us $500...and the last one in '02 cost just under $750...and we thought that was expensive! :) Still, getting the homestudy done is one of the first things we have to accomplish on our VERY long list.We can't move forward without it. I'm going to hang on for just a little longer and see if I can find someone, but we may have to bite the bullet and fork over the cash. (Am I mixing too many metaphores?!)
Still I have faith...we'll get this adoption done even if we do have to pay $1200 for a simple homestudy. Because we know this guy who has cattle on a thousand hills, and I'm sure he'd be willing to sell a couple. He is VERY good at providing everything we need! :) (Psalms 50:10)

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Missy February 19, 2007 at 8:41 PM  

I used to sing a song about that with my mama at church. You made me smile all over! I will be praying that God shows you just the right person to do your homestudy!

adoptedthree February 21, 2007 at 6:22 AM  

I feel your pain after three adoptions funds are hard to come by! But if there is a dream there will be a way. My adoptions got actually cheaper as I researched. Let the social worker know u have an old copy of your homestudy for example that might help reduce costs! Our homestudies went from 1200 in 00 to 800 in 02 (same agency) then 500 in 05!

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