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i think he sold a cow!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

It's been one of those adoption roller-coaster days...the kind that make you grab a bottle of Pepto with one hand while clenching the roll bar with the other. I held on for dear life today...and I survived.
It all started with a 9 a.m. appointment at H&R Block. We've been waiting for this day for a long time...it marked the true beginning of our adoption journey. It would give us the cash we needed to start paying for things like homestudies, agency fees and apostilles. We were stoked.
But by the time we left the office we were devastated.
The large tax return we had anticipated..had hoped for..had counted on..was not coming.
Now, we knew our adoption tax credits from the last two adoptions were running out...that was one of the reasons we were putting this adoption into high gear. It would be the last time we would have that kind of cash. But we didn't realize we had so little left! Our federal return was a fraction of what we had expected.
And then there were the two states. I work in Missouri and it has always been a problem for us come tax time. I have extra taxes out of each paycheck...but for some reason it's never enough. And the Kansas return was a huge shock! Last year we got a big refund...this year we're going to have to pay just about that much back. I don't know where we went wrong...but it hurt!
Add that misery to the fact that we still hadn't found a homestudy provider and I was ready to call it quits. In fact, by the time I had driven the five miles to work, I had already called my best friend and told her it was off. There was no way we could adopt again. God had shut the door in our face.
Boy was I wrong.
While I was wallowing in self-pity, S was putting his stubborn streak to work. When He called a couple of hours later he was adamant that we shouldn't give up. This from a man I had to drag kicking and screaming (not quite :) ) through our first three adoptions. He said I should trust him...he was going to find a way. "Give it a shot," I said...not at all convinced that it would work.
He called me an hour later and said he remembered some extra money he had coming from left over sick days (he gets paid for the ones he doesn't use). "Great," I said half-heartedly. That wouldn't cover even half of what we lost.
He called again.
This time he had managed to scrounge up some cash through another source.
We were getting closer, but I still had my doubts.
The last time he called was the jackpot.
He had finally found someone to do our homestudy! And it won't cost us an arm and a leg! In fact, she quoted us a price less than half of what other social workers were telling us...her references checked out and she was in good standing with the state. It looks like we're ready to go.
Wow! In less than three hours, he had managed to not only cover what we had lost from our less than stellar tax refund. He had surpassed it and put us in better financial shape.
Of course he had help.
You know every time this happens I'm surprised. But why should I be? God has promised to provide all our needs and he has proven himself faithful to that promise over and over again...and for some reason I still don't learn the lesson.
This time though I think it's going to stick. I've finally realized I need to stop sweating this kind of stuff. If we are in His will with this adoption, he will pave the way. He has resources beyond our imagination. And he will provide...in His time.
After I got off the phone with S, I immediately called my friend back and said, "Lynda...I think God just sold a cow!'

2 salty messages:

Missy February 22, 2007 at 1:19 PM  

That's awesome! I am so happy that things are moving in a positive direction. Now if I could only sell a cow! :) Check my blog and you will understand!

cjw March 13, 2007 at 9:30 PM  

I stumbled across your blog and felt compelled to read it. My parents have adopted 5 children and are currently working on their first international adoption. Their are a million obsticals, but we know if this is God's plan then he will overcome them. Similar to your situation my dad had been very reluctant to adopt for the last 13 years (when we adopted the last child), but God changed his heart and he has been the push behind this adoption. The fourth adoption we went through also almost fell apart due to finances and God miraculously worked everything out. We named that child Everett which means priceless, because that is what he cost us.

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