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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Since things are at a bit of a standstill right now I thought I would share another blog from our family website.


The other day reminded me yet again, why I will never become a teacher. I could not imagine spending my day with 30 third-graders in a classroom, let alone in a packed school bus with only one other teacher and six parents to help!

Honestly I can not imagine what possibly possesses a teacher to take students out of the classroom and into the real world. It must be a love of the children and learning...or maybe it's just insanity.

The other day, in honor of our state's birthday, I went with Q's third grade class down to the state's history museum. A fun-filled day...but since it's technically supposed to be a learning experience, I thought I would share with you what I learned on Q's field trip.

Lessons from Q-Balls's field trip...

  1. 1. My son doesn't like history.
  2. 2. Bus drivers don't always know where they are going.
  3. 3. My children are not the only ones to ask 'Are we there yet?'
  4. 4. School buses are uncomfortable.
  5. 5. Boys do have to go to the bathroom as often as girls.
  6. 6. If you take a wrong turn in a bus, it may take you up to 15 minutes to back out of a private driveway and turn around.
  7. 7. If that driveway happens to be entrance to the governor's mansion, you'll get some strange looks from guys dressed in black suits and raybans.
  8. 8. As a room parent your job on a field trip is to keep track of the three kids assigned to you.
  9. 9. All you have to do to lose a kid is blink.
  10. 10. Every elementary school in the state will send at least one class full of 30 children to a free day at the Museum of History.
  11. 11. There are at least 30 third-graders in the state named Preston.
  12. 12. Schools typically have their children all wear t-shirts with their school colors so it's easier to find lost kids.
  13. 13. A lot of schools in our state have blue as their school color.
  14. 14. You will come across every other student and room parent from your son's class BEFORE you will find the missing child.
  15. 15. A missing child usually is not wearing the color-coded t-shirt.
  16. 16. There really is such a thing as professional yo-yoing and the world champion makes way more money than I do! (I still haven't figured out what 'The Yo-Yo Master' had to do with our history.)
  17. 17. Lunch can never come fast enough for six 8-year-old boys.
  18. 18. Boys will hurry-up in the bathroom when you promise them lunch is next.
  19. 19. Liquid goes through 8-year-old boys faster than other humans. Ten minutes after eating lunch, they need to go to the bathroom again.
  20. 20. Ten minutes after using the bathroom, 3rd grade boys will become thirsty again.
  21. 21. Soda is the only thing which will cure it. Six boys + 6 bottles of cream soda = ADHD.
  22. 22. The ADHD lasts only as long as you're still on a tour. If you go anywhere near a gift shop, the children will suddenly regain focus...but only in the toy section. The hyperactivity remains.
  23. 23. My son isn't the only child in the world unable to carry his new toy more than 5 feet.
  24. 24. In a museum, boys are only interested in steam locomotives until you get to the steam locomotive exhibit. Once at the exhibit they are interested only in the mud hut exhibit you just left.
  25. 25. No matter how hard you try, boys are not going to look at a beautiful quilt from the 19th Century...especially when there's a 100 year old bison skull around the corner.
  26. 26. I'm old. At an exhibit marked 'Toys of the 80s!, one of the children asked me, "Mrs. C, what's a Rubik Cube?"
  27. 27. Buses do not get any more comfortable on the return trip.
  28. 28. Thirty children hyped up on sugar and a free day out of the classroom will suddenly become sleepy on a long bus ride home.
  29. 29. When asked about his field trip, the only thing my son will remember is the 'Yo-Yo Master.'
  30. 30. My son really doesn't like history.

HAPPY our state's birth DAY!

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