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what's in a name?

Thursday, February 8, 2007

We've always had a hard time coming up with names for our kids. It's not so much figuring out what each one of us like - it's coming up with something we can agree on.
We negotiate and make deals. We beg and plead for names to come off the list. I think subconsiously we pick names we know the other can't stand, just so we'll have some bargaining power! With deals like, "I'll drop Megan, if you cross off Candice!" - you'd think we were buying a used car. I'm surprised we haven't been forced to go through arbitration.
It's a serious process.
The first time around we weren't prepared for the challenge. It was back in the days when Russia still let you look at video tapes of prospective children. Once we saw the movie of our little guy, we knew he was the one. There was no doubt.
So we called the agency and told them about our decision.
'Great!,' our rep said. 'Have you picked out a name?'
Wow! We hadn't even thought about it.
At least not seriously.
Oh, we had spent hours throwing names back and forth - names like Belle, Bo, Allison and Shea. But we had only been dreaming - we hadn't given any serious thought to actually picking a name that would follow our child the rest of his life.
Our rep told us she had to have a name in order to start the rest of the paperwork, so we promised to get back to her the next morning...and hung up the phone.
Now what we were going to do?
We had to make a decision in a matter of hours. And it had to stick.
So we negotiated.
Each one of us sat down with our well-worn baby book and wrote a list of our favorites...and then it began. Haggling back and forth, dropping names like William, Carson and Bo in favor of names like Peyton, Garrison and Evan...adding middle names to see if anything sounded right...announcing it PA style to see if it sounded like he could start for the K-State football team.
We tried everything in the book.
In the end Q won out.
Somehow it seemed to fit.
We just knew.
Now we're in the middle of the process - again.
While I've named this blog 'Finding Maddie,' it's kind of misleading. I had to come up with something...and Maddie is a name I've liked for a long time. But to be honest we haven't officially come up with a moniker yet for our little girl. The lists have been drawn up. We've scoured the baby book for first names. We've searched Ukrainian culture websites for possible middle names. We've even looked at family geneaologies for inspiration.

We're finally ready.
Let the negotiations begin!

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adoptedthree March 8, 2007 at 8:51 PM  

Maddie is precious!

Go with your heart!

I went with the Russian versions obviously but hey I am too lazy to debate otherwise, plus I love to be different.

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