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getting down to work

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

One of the great things that came out of the conference last weekend had nothing to do with creating a healthier marriage.
In fact, some might say it's one of the most stressful things a married couple can do.
We recommitted to adopt one last time.
To be honest, the way things had been going lately on the adoption front, we were starting to get discouraged. We had heard rumors (confirmed today by our facilitator) that Ukraine was putting a limit on the number of adoptions for 2007. They've already accepted a third of the dossiers they're going to accept this year...which had us wondering if this is really what God wants us to do.
We had been having trouble getting our social worker and our agency to communicate and it has felt like weeks of spinning our wheels trying to get this thing started.
And financially we were wondering if this was really a smart move.
But something happened at the conference...and I can't help but think it's a God thing.
Everywhere we turned there was something about adoption.
One of the presenters had adopted two boys from foster care, another was getting ready to go to Guatamala and sprinkled throughout the curriculum were referrences to God adopting us into his family. There was a book in the resource room on how to adopt, a couple in our small breakout group had adopted and there were sessions on how to be a good parent! It was EVERYWHERE!
When we started out this weekend I was prepared to tell S that I was ready to throw in the towel. I quit! I think he was on the verge too. He was tired of making the phone calls and getting nowhere.
But this weekend changed all that. S isn't ready to give up and neither am I. For the first time, I can honestly say I have the drive I've been looking for, for a long time - the drive I had when we adopted our three other children. The sheer determination to make it work. I'm ready to kick butt, take names and work like crazy to bring our daughter home!
First thing tomorrow morning I'm calling both the facilitator and social worker and I will leave messages and emails, faxes and text message them if I have to until I find a way to get them talking! Then I'm downloading forms from the internet to get started on our I-600A. I'm going to take pictures this weekend for the photo report and figure out what other paperwork we need to get working on.
I'm not quitting...in fact, I'm just getting started. I'm getting down to work.

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