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naming convention

Friday, March 16, 2007

While I want to protect my kids identities on the internet I've come to realize many of you don't know Q, K and J. And even if you know what their real names are...you're not able to get a clear picture of their personality from a letter of the alphabet...so I've decided to come up with a naming convention.
From here on out I'm going to be using the nicknames we use for the kids. At least that way you won't be stumbling over letters as you read my blogs and hopefully it will give you some insight into their individual personalities - after all...that's where their nicknames came from.


Q - Usually known as 'Q', 'Q-ball' or 'Q-ster'. I'll refer to him as Q-ball...that's the one I use for him most often. He is in 3rd grade and will be turning 9 in a few weeks (Eeeeek! Where did the time go?!) He loves playing ball...any kind of ball, riding his bike and playing with friends. In school he loves math (especially multiplication) and is learning to like reading - it's been a long process but he's starting to appreciate it more. Right now we're reading - Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator (The sequel to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)
K - Usually known as 'K', 'Punky' and 'Punky-Monkey-Turtle' (the last one is due to her propensity for taking forever in the bathroom...and she's not even a teenager yet!) I'll be using 'Punky' for her...although I don't like the nickname. I usually just call her 'K'...a tribute to my love of the alphabet I guess...two out of my three children's nicknames are just the beginning letter of their name! :)
Punky was given her nickname by her dad while we were in Russia. I hated the term and was determined to fight in until we got back to the states and she had her first doctor's appointment. The doctor finished looking her over and the first thing out of his mouth was, 'Well, she's a punky little thing - that's for sure!' That was it! It stuck...there was nothing I could do! (I still don't like it...it sounds too much like Punky Brewster!) Punky is 6 years old and in Kindergarten, loves to play Barbies, dress-up and try on makeup and paint her nails. In school her favorite things to do are read and color. I know those were my favorites! Right now we're reading one of my all-time favorite books - Ramona the Pest.
J - Usually known as J...-man, Little Guy and JacJac (after the baby character in the Incredibles - somehow it just seems to fit! :) I'll be referring to him as JacJac. JacJac is the youngest in the clan but he is definitely not overlooked. JacJac fits his namesake in a lot of ways...if you have any questions about that just rent the movie - you'll see what I'm talking about! :) He's got everything down except turning into a ball of fire! :) On the other hand JacJac is also a compassionate little boy with a very big heart. He loves to give hugs...although Mommy kisses are off limits right now. He is 5 years old (will be 6 in August) and is getting ready to start Kindergarten. He is thriving in his new Pre-K program...it was the best decision we ever made. He is doing simple math and is ready to read. His teacher (who is the school's gifted teacher) keeps telling us that he is going to keep us running. - we should just get used to it now. He loves to ride his bike, play football with Q-ball and play cars. He also enjoys having me read to him. Right now we're reading - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
Maddie - While we don't have her yet...she already feels like a part of the family. While we don't know what she looks like, we know she'll fit in with our Heinz 57 family. (We have a dark brunette, a blond, a couple of sandy blonds and a red-head...what's left?) While we don't have a name for her yet (if you have questions see 'what's in a name' blog) as soon as she gets home it won't really matter because she'll automatically be called something else anyway. The book I'm most looking forward to reading with her is 'Goodnight Little One.' Absolutely precious!
S - While I'm at it, I might as well give S a nickname as well. I don't really have a nickname for him...I've always just called him by his name, but I think I'll refer to him in blogland as Meshack...most of you should get that one...if you don't - drop me a line and I'll fill you in.
So there you have it - our family's naming convention. Simple, yet revealing. I hope it helps. And by the way - don't ask...I'm not going to tell you what MY nickname is! :)

Above from left: JacJac, Punky and Q-ball sit on boulders on the shores of Lake Superior. The picture was taken last May on our vacation to Minnesota. The kids loved the trip and have been asking to return ever since.

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Missy March 16, 2007 at 8:07 PM  

I LOVE that pic! Your kiddos are absolutely adorable!

Tami March 17, 2007 at 8:50 AM  

Thanks! They're pretty great kids!

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