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you are not my enemy

Monday, March 12, 2007

We're back!
The conference was amazing, we met some new people, the hotel was beautiful and we went on our first 'date' in I don't know how long. It was so nice to get away from the everyday, if only for a few days.
But the best thing about our weekend was that we were able to get our hands on some new tools...new techniques for building a healthy marriage. After almost 18 years of married life and 23 years together it's nice to have a new perspective! To take a step back and really take a good look at the person we married. We learned about the things that can threaten marriage, new ways to communicate and how to fight fair. S's favorite phrase right now is, 'You are not my enemy!" (A reminder that we are in this thing together.)
The kids had a great time and so did our parents. (They turned around and headed back early this morning.)
It definitely was a weekend to remember.

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