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Saturday, April 14, 2007

It looks like getting the mortgage statements of good standing may not have required a degree in rocket science after all.
The guy I talked to the other day, who seemed like he knew what he was doing, evidently did.
He sent all of my paperwork to the right department that very same day, and in my email inbox the next morning was a note from someone who said they had made three copies (for my obsessive need to have enough copies), signed them (in BLUE ink), had them notarized (in BLUE ink) and had mailed it all back to me that same day, although they probably didn't go out until that morning.
Not only that, but she included her name, direct phone number, email address and a good-luck wish for a successful adoption!
I wish all of this was that easy!
I've published a list of our dossier documents and the status for each so you can follow along with us on this paperchase.

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