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Sunday, April 29, 2007

So much for a day of rest...
Actually, so much for a weekend of rest.
I have been BUSY!
I don't think I've had this much adoption-related stuff to do on a weekend...EVER.
It has been pretty much non-stop homestudy homework since Thursday's meltdown.
Of course you know I stayed up until after midnight Thursday night. On Friday, after Q-ball's mother's tea, I picked Punky and JacJac up from the babysitter, came home, checked the email and found a note from our social worker. I've pretty much been sitting at the computer, swapping emails with her every two hours over the last three days. The most recent document she asked for was our credit reports. I just sent that off to her via email about an hour ago.
Good thing email is free. I'd be broke! ;)
The good news is I think we're nearing the end.
My goal is still to have everything to her by Tuesday...that may be a bit optimistic. I still haven't heard from one of the people I'd like to have do a reference. I'm going to start calling some backups here pretty soon.
The only problem is I haven't been able to find my backups. Our pastor is out of town, another person from church wasn't there this morning. I'm starting to run out of options! Since we only moved here three years ago, we have a lot of aquaintances, but not a whole lot of close local friends...made worse by the fact that we don't work here. I hate to bug anyone whose not around us on a regular basis...but I may have to. (Friends from Iowa be warned!)
I'm still bound and determined to get this done...it just means a busy week. And it's going to be a doozy! Between homestudy homework, Q-ball's birthday a week from Monday and my parents come into town on Friday , I've got a lot to do! We have all kinds of great stuff planned...but with that planning comes a lot of extra chores. I had hoped to get some of it done this weekend...
So much for a quiet week! ;)

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