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Saturday, April 21, 2007

I should have known something was up when I drove up to the local car wash yesterday. The little red light wasn't on. It was a sign.
I wasn't paying attention.
All I wanted to do was get the van washed. It was the fourth day of a six day window of plenty of sunshine. Not a raincloud in the sky. It's been beautiful.
It was time for a wash. Way past time.
Our babysitter lives on a dirt road. I had half of that road on our van. It needed to come off.
So I put my debit card into the little slot and selected, 'Premium Wash,' for $7!
The car was really dirty.
A woman's polite voice comes over the system, 'Your card has been approved, please pull into the wash bay.'
The little green light flashed and we pulled forward.
The kids love the car wash. I don't know why. It's entertainment for them I guess.
Q-Ball used to be absolutely terrified of car washes...now EVERY TIME we drive by one, he asks if we can give the car a bath. Boys!
So I pull in and the undercarriage wash starts...I drive slow, making sure it's getting all of the dirt.
We pull into the tire holder and the machine starts circling us, spraying on a thick coat of pre-wash...the idea is to let it soak so the dirt comes off.
The spray stops and we sit waiting for the rinse to come on.
We sat...
and sat...
and sat...
Hmmmm...I thought. Maybe something is jammed. I'll just back up a little and hit the little tire holder again, maybe a jiggle will do it.
We sat...
and sat...
Okay....maybe I need to it again. (Now, why would I think that? If it was going to work it would have worked the first time!)
At this point the kids are starting to get worried that we're going to become trapped inside the car wash. We'd be stuck there all night. They start asking questions like, 'Where will I sleep,' 'How will I brush my teeth,' and my personal favorite, 'Where will I go to the bathroom?'
Don't worry...I'll get us out of here. I managed to pull the van through the rest of the bay, without damaging the vehicle and as we hit daylight I realized what a sight we were.
We looked like one of those old Tom and Jerry cartoons where Tom gets trapped in a washing machine and comes out looking like a white blob.
Yep...that was us! There was soap EVERYWHERE! I couldn't keep up with it with the wipers!
Thankfully no one was around.
I jumped out of the van, dodged a blob of soap, and ran over to the sign that said, "If you need assistance please call xxx.989.xxxx.' So I called.
I left a message, hoping they would call me right back.

So I got to drive home with bubbles all over my car...and of course as I hit the highway (with everyone gawking at me)...the bubble blobs kept flying off the van and hitting the people behind us! :)
I wish I had pictures to share...no, really, I do.
This morning, I sent Meshack and the kids back to the car wash, where the owner promised to redo it for free.
When they came back I went out to inspect the job.

There, on the windshield was a fresh bird dropping.

2 salty messages:

kris April 21, 2007 at 9:55 PM  

The label for this post was perfect: comic relief. Sorry it happened, but wow what a funny story!

annmarie,  April 22, 2007 at 7:56 AM  

Insult to injury! This story will stay with your family for ages!

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