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another gray hair

Monday, May 28, 2007

I'm warning you now...
I may not survive raising my youngest son.
I think I'm going to die from fright.
Can you actually die from fright?
It doesn't matter.
I will.
Here's my theory.
I think for every kid-induced scare a mom gets, not only does she get another gray hair...she loses at least couple of hours off her life!
You would think after eight years of parenting I would be an old hand at this, but honestly Q-ball was an easy preschooler. He wasn't a big daredevil and was pretty obedient.
And Punky...well, Punky is a girlie girl. There's not much fright involved with my girlie-girl.
JacJac is another story. At this rate I'm going to die before he graduates from high school!
Here are just a few of my really good scares in the last 24 hours!

My brother and his family were visiting from Colorado. It was the last night of their visit and we decided it would be nice to go out to dinner. Both families are on an adoption budget, so we went to Ryan's...a buffet where our husbands and their two teenage sons could eat to their hearts content and our wallets could survive.
When we got there we climbed out of our respective vans, gathered the kids and started for the front door.
I had just picked up my 2-year-old nephew and turned toward the door when I heard a blood curdling scream.
I turned around to see JacJac with his hand caught in my brother's van's sliding door. Meshack quickly opened the door, pulled his hand out and gathered a screaming JacJac into his arms.
Side note: One nice thing about being married to a vet. He can assess medical situations very quickly and relieve a lot of my mommy medical mania. I was imagining chopped off fingers and years of plastic surgery to repair the damage.
Thankfully Meshack was there to calmly look the fingers over and figure out JacJac was fine. His hand is bruised and skinned up, but nothing was broken.
I think I lost a good 24 hours.

That night when we got home, the kids poured into the back yard to play basketball, baseball, bikes and trucks, the adults sat down on the patio furniture to chat for awhile.
You would think that with JacJac's scare at Ryans, he would only be interested in hanging out on my lap and cuddling.
Nope. Not JacJac.
He ran for the garage, pulled out his bike and took off.
No big deal. The kids know the rules. They can ride on the sidewalk in front of our house or on the back patio. It's never been a problem.
Before last night!
Len, Valerie, Meshack and I were talking away when I noticed how quiet it had gotten.
Where were my children?!
As I stood up to start the search, I heard JacJac yelling 'That was totally wicked!'
I ran to the front yard and didn't see any of them. They weren't in the side side yard either. I turned to start walking up the street, when I saw Q-ball, riding Punky's pink bike, come around the alley corner with JacJac on his bike and Punky following on foot. What were they thinking?!
They know they're supposed to let us know where they're going to be playing. They know Punky and JacJac are not supposed to leave the yard.
And they're certainly not allowed to RIDE THEIR BIKE IN THE STREET (even if it is just an alley!)
All three kids lost their bikes for a week for that infraction.
I never did figure out what JacJac was yelling about. Part of me is afraid of what I'll find if I really dig around.
Some things are better left alone.

There goes another day.

Thankfully I didn't actually witness this one. If I had, I may have keeled over on the spot!
Q-ball has a new chore...one that he has been waiting for since he was two. He gets to mow the yard. Dad has to be out there with him and he can't do the hills, but he gets to mow to his little heart's content.
Meshack has gone over and over with him the rules of safety for mowing. Q-ball and Meshack carefully go over the yard to make sure there are no potential projectiles before Q begins mowing. The he makes sure Q wears jeans, goggles, tennis shoes and gloves when he is mowing. (He looks a little freakish...but he's safe.)
So imagine my horror when Meshack informed me that Q-ball won't be mowing the yard for the rest of the summer because he let JacJac BEND DOWN ABOUT 10 FEET AWAY FROM THE DISCHARGE SHOOT SO HE COULD GET A BETTER LOOK AT HOW THE MOWER WORKS!
That one had to be worth two weeks!!!
I'm never going to make it.

7 salty messages:

Krystal May 28, 2007 at 8:55 PM  

Hi, Tami --

Send me your e-mail address & I will invite you to the new blog :) My address is ramair421@yahoo.com.

You're children are beautiful!

M and M May 28, 2007 at 9:22 PM  

I advise finding a good hairdresser!!! LOL!

jessy May 29, 2007 at 7:14 AM  

I have one of those at my house. Before he was two, he'd eaten rat poison, ran behind a moving van, and the fire department had had to use the jaws of life to remove his head from a banister.
All I can say is, they'll be sorry when we're gone.
Love the family pictures. Even without tweeking, you have a lovely family.

Esther May 29, 2007 at 6:34 PM  

Thank you for your sweet note on my blog today and sharing your support ;o)

I read a lady's blog today. I read her umteenth complaint about her child. Her adopted child. I wanted to scream. Normally I'd just quit reading a blog I don't like, but her blog is full of parts I do love. So it's a mixed bag.

Since I have three kids and have been thru two adoptions, I'm not naive. So I feel I do get some things. I'll be glad when our current adoption is done ;o)

Thanks again. Bless you, Esther

Jenni May 29, 2007 at 10:40 PM  

I hear ya sister!!! Eamon has taken at least a month off my life already, and he's only been in the family for a year and a half!

That lawnmower story is too scary!

Starfish May 31, 2007 at 12:57 PM  

Ugh..and having boys makes it even worse. I am not looking forward to those moments.

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