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the bathroom hog

Friday, May 18, 2007

She's at it already!
And she's only six!

Punky is a bathroom hog!
I wasn't prepared for the washroom monopoly until the teenage or at least pre-teen years!

What happened!?
I had a plan!
We were going to have at least three lavatories in the house.
One for her.
One for me.
And one for all the boys.
But I didn't think I would need to implement the privy plan for at least another eight years or so.
I was wrong.
Punky is a first-rate watercloset hoarder! And no one is safe.
It doesn't matter the time of day, what the purpose is or how badly someone else needs the one and only restroom. She won't come out until she's good and ready.
Heaven help you if you're dying to use the facilities!
And Punky has powder-room appropriation down to a fine art.
She'll sneak in when no one is looking or right before someone announces they are headed to the loo.
Then she'll stay in there FOREVER!

Most nights we have to make sure she is the last one to get ready for bed. Otherwise, you'll see a line forming at the door and no one will make it to bed on time.
And the wait is interminable.

As unprepared as I was for her to commandeer the commode, I still managed to pull a few tricks out of my sleeve. Unfortunately the only one that is working right now is setting a timer for three minutes and threatening to take away her Barbies!
Somehow I don't see that working forever. It probably won't even last for another six months!
After we get Maddie home we're going to take a good, long look at speeding up the eight year plan. It may need to be a one year plan.
If we can hold out that long!
And we'd better make it a four latrine home.
If one girl is this bad what's it going to be like with two?

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