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boys (and girls) of summer

Saturday, May 12, 2007

I knew it was coming...and I did it anyway.

I've just committed our family to a summer of spending EVERY night at the ballpark.
For some background...the small town we live in, lives for summer baseball. People from all over town will come to the ballpark on any given night of the week and watch a game...even if their kids aren't playing.
It's a tradition.
And it's something they take very seriously!
Q-ball has been playing baseball every summer since first grade. He really enjoys it and despite a little bit of nervousness about moving up into the fast pitch league (the kids start throwing at each other this year), he's ready to start practicing.
As I told you in yesterday's blog, Punky starts her first real year of ball this year. Last year she was on a T-Ball team and enjoyed it quite a bit. She's already counting down the days until her next practice on Monday.
Last year JacJac got left out of the mix, and he let us know it. He was pretty teed that he didn't get to play and every chance he got he would let us know he expected to play this summer.
So when I saw the sign-ups for T-ball I knew I had to get him signed up, or I wouldn't hear the end of it. Besides, it's good for him.
What I didn't take into account was just how much time was going to be spent in the searing Kansas summer heat!
Punky's games are on Monday and Thursday nights, Q-ball plays on Tuesday and Friday and JacJac will be playing on Wednesdays.
I've done the math...it's not looking good for a quiet, leisurely summer. I'm going to spend my whole summer baking...and I HATE summer!
If I'm lucky we'll have the weekends without anywhere to go, but I haven't heard anything about practices yet. That may be all out the window!
And we're planning on bringing a fourth child into this craziness?!!!
Heaven help us when Maddie gets to ball playing age.

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