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brotherly love

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

In the craziness of yesterday's blog I overlooked one quintessential, critical, ultra-important detail. And I wasn't reminded of it until Punky asked JacJac about his hand this morning.
It's a comment my sister-in-law made to me as we were walking into the restaurant after the 'Palm Pinching' incident on Sunday. She said when JacJac's hand was stuck in the door, my other two were 'visibly upset and worried' about him. Punky was on the verge of crying.
Isn't that awesome?!
I know for most of you this observation may sound a little weird. I can just hear it now, 'But Tami, all kids should have compassion for others.'
Yes - but not all PI kids DO!
There are so many bags these little ones haul home with them from the orphanage.
No matter how old they are.
There's the fear of abandonment duffle...
the sensory integration satchel...
the no-trust suitcase...
the attachment attache...
And for many kids the no empathy/sympathy trunk.
Now, I don't want to make my kids sound like zombie's who don't see anyone around them...or notice when others are hurt. They do. But I've never seen the level of unease as I saw in the kids that day...and I'm proud.
Darn proud.
I don't want my kids to be traumatized by seeing JacJac's hand caught in a van's sliding door, but it opened my eyes to something that when we brought them home five and eight years ago, I wasn't sure I ever would see.
They empathize and feel the pain of another human being.
And not just any human being...they care deeply for their siblings.
They have brotherly love.
Isn't that awesome!?

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jessy May 30, 2007 at 9:10 AM  

Yes, it is awesome. I'm smiling for your opportunity to see in to their hearts this weekend.
Marina does seem to have empathy (especially for her baby brother), but only when it is suffering not of her own infliction. When she is dishing it out (hitting, spitting, destroying their work/things), she is a hardened little cuss.
But then, as a kid, I could be too. And I had not her excuse.

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