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field trips, softball and homestudies, oh my!

Friday, May 11, 2007

What a busy, busy, busy day.

It started out this morning with a field trip with Punky's kindergarten class.
We headed off to Kansas City just after 8:30 this morning, headed to the Rainforest Cafe. It's a lot like last Sunday's visit to T-Rex...except it has rainforest stuff. They had a neat fish tank, complete with little Nemos and Dori's...and they had a curator who gave us a tour and a speech about saving the rainforest. I could have done without the environmental lecture, but the kids enjoyed the atmosphere.
Now, before you ask...no, I don't have any pictures.
Once again, I didn't have the camera. For some reason Meshack keeps taking it to work. (I've given him an ultimatum. Either he starts leaving it at home, or he's going to have to buy me a new, better, more expensive camera.)
Either way, I win! ;)
I tried taking pictures with the camera phone - with mixed results. I still haven't found out how to download them to my computer...although I did manage to send one to Meshack...just trying to make him feel a little guilty about the camera thing! :)
After stuffing themselves with chicken nuggets, pizza and burgers, the kids all headed out to the gift shop, where Punky found a cute red t-shirt with rainforest animals all over it. Too cute...I had to get it! ;)
Then we headed over to the Moon Marble Co. for a demonstration on how marbles are made and then how to play with them.
It was great.
I'm not sure about the kids, but I learned quite a bit. Like, did you know that the glass has to be heated to over 1500 degrees at one point in the process...and then it has to be cooled over a long period of time so it doesn't explode. The standard 1" marble has to sit in a kiln, slowly cooling, for over 24 hours.
Cool huh.
And he made some really pretty ones.
The demo on how to play marbles was hysterical! I heard one mom say the guide was the perfect babysitter, she wished she could hire him. He had the kids in the palm of his hand.
I need to learn his technique.
The kids each got to pick out about 20 marbles to take home, then we climbed back on board the bus and bounced our back to school.
We came home stuffed, educated and exhausted.
It only got better.
When we got home, what was in the mailbox?
Another thing checked off the list!
I'm mailing it off to the INS tomorrow!
Finally, we're going to be able to make some progress in bringing Maddie home!
I'm so excited - can you tell?
BTW - We still haven't picked out a name.
Now, we're off to softball practice. It's Punky's first...she's pretty excited. She'll be the youngest (and smallest) girl out there on the field, so she may not see a whole lot of playing time. Thankfully, she just wants to have fun. A pretty good attitude for everyone don't you think?

3 salty messages:

jessy May 12, 2007 at 2:26 PM  

You volunteered for two field trips in a row? My, aren't we the brave one? Or perhaps a glutton for punishment?
Honestly, I had no idea Kansas was such a fascinating state.
Congratulations on your homestudy!

Missy May 12, 2007 at 9:11 PM  

It seems that everything is moving so fast! I'm so happy for you!

Tami May 12, 2007 at 11:20 PM  

I am definitely a glutton for punishment! ;) I may be going on a third in a couple of weeks! This time with Q-ball's class, back to T-Rex. I'm trying to talk Meshack into it, but I don't think I'm having much of an influence!
Kansas is an awesome state...you should come visit sometime! Honestly, when we first talked about moving here, I thought I was going to be living in the equivalent of the Mohave Desert. I was pleasantly surprised!
The pace has seemed to pick up a bit on this paperchase, although I think we're going to hit a bit of a brick wall on the USCIS part. I'm getting ready to blog about that now.

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