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just call her 'slugger'

Monday, May 14, 2007

I think Punky surprised a few people tonight.
Remember, Punky is just that...she's punky.
She's small in stature but big in spirit.
She's head and shoulders shorter than the other girls her age (she's not even on the growth chart), but she's tenacious. She can keep up with most kids twice her size. She's one of the fastest kids in kindergarten, even though she's the smallest.
She's a go-getter.
Despite all that, when she ran onto the softball field tonight, we had no idea how she would do. At her first practice last Friday they pretty much just had her running the bases. She tried hitting the ball during batting practice, but didn't have much luck. They didn't even let her try to field any balls. I think they were afraid she would get hurt.
Fast forward to tonight...
At first she was a bit timid. She stood at the grass line of left field with her blond ponytail sticking out the back of her black ball cap and her ball glove hiding her left hand, using her right foot to draw circles in the dirt.
Then someone hit the ball toward her.
She perked right up and ran up to field the grounder and threw with all her might toward first base.
She made it about half way.
Not too bad for our pip squeak.
The next ball rolled toward her and this time she tossed it to the short stop...just like she was supposed to.
Great job!
Now she was hunched over in the ready position, waiting for the next ball. She looked like a pro!
During batting practice she stepped up to the plate (with a helmet that was way too big) and whiffed the first four pitches. I was worried it was going to be a long night, but on the fifth pitch, she made contact...and the ball made it all the way to third base. Way better than a lot of the other girls!
You go girl!
She hit the next two balls...one of them made it to the edge of left field. Her teammates were thrilled, the coaches gave her high fives and Punky ran the bases like a pro.
We were so proud...and so was she.
She's already counting down to her next practice on Friday.
I posted before about how I've never really cared for her nickname. It was one Meshack gave her, but it never really fit.
I think I've finally come up with a nickname to replace Punky.
I think we should call her 'Slugger.' ;)

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adoptedthree May 15, 2007 at 6:26 AM  

Way to go Slugger!

You show them that it is the heart not the size that matters!!!

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