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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Alright...enough of the sappy blogs.
Sappy week is officially over. It's back to business.
We're kind of at a standstill on the adoption front. My social worker finished her draft of the homestudy last Wednesday and emailed it to me. I immediately sent it off to the agency who looked it over, made some changes and sent it back to me on Friday. In all the commotion of the birthday weekend, I didn't get it sent back to the social worker until Monday.
I just heard from her. She says she'll get it in the mail to us tomorrow so we can get it off to the USCIS before the weekend. I'd really like to try and get our fingerprints done as soon as possible. We can't really do anything else until the fingerprints are done and we have our I-171H (USCIS (formerly INS) approval).
The agency says that alot of the forms we have left for the dossier are very simple, they are pretty much just sign and notarize types of forms, so we should be able to knock them out in a day.
Sooooooo...we wait.
Have I mentioned that I'm not very good at waiting?
I thought so.

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