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the state of our checkbook

Saturday, June 16, 2007

He finally came.
The Fed Ex man brought our papers.
Wouldn't you know it - he came five minutes after I left to go pick up Q-ball. I had been waiting around all morning - doing little jobs, keeping busy, typing up a beautiful blog about waiting for him to arrive. And the minute I pull out of the driveway - he pulls in.
When I got home from washing the van (a long story for another blog), I found it neatly tucked in between my front door and the screen door.
Thank goodness he didn't need a signature.
I immediately ripped open the package and started thumbing through the paperwork...figuring out what I had to do next. Our paperwork rep had everything all lined out for us.
We needed to write a nice little letter requesting apostilles for our documents and send that along with a check to the addresses listed.
I started writing out the checks...
Colorado cost $4 for two apostilles...
Missouri $20 for two apostilles...
Virginia, $10 for one apostille...
Kansas - $210 for 28 apostilles!
I love my state. I really do. There are a million and one reasons to live here. Clean air...plenty of space...beautiful scenery...great roads.
But be warned...if you live in Kansas and are trying to do an international adoption - the fees for apostilles will decimate your checkbook!!!!!
I had forgotten about this part!
If we would have just crossed the border and had the same person who notarized my employment verification, notarize all the rest of our documents, we could have saved $180. You see, Missouri has this great law that a couple can only spend $100 on apostilles for any one adoption.
How nice of them!
Their roads stink...but they are adoption family friendly.
I'm going to do something about this!
My congressmen are going to be hearing from me. Their only saving grace right now is that they just wrapped up the congressional session...which makes them a little more difficult to find.

But give me a few weeks.
I'll track them down and we're going to have a nice little chat about apostille charges and re-adoption requirements.

BTW - Q-ball had a great time with his friend, and I survived his first overnight! Yippee! :)

2 salty messages:

M- June 17, 2007 at 3:49 PM  

I agree, Washington is 15/document, with no break for adoptions either. My apostille fee is nearly as high as my agency fee!

annmarie,  June 17, 2007 at 9:03 PM  

I was blessed, my agency took care of the apostilles and notarizing. I can't believe how that all adds up. It's for a good cause, but man...show some mercy!

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