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Sunday, June 3, 2007

I've been a part of the blogging community for a few months now and I've seen people getting tagged with a meme, but I never thought it would happen to me. (BTW - How is it pronounced? Is it 'mee mee', 'me mee' or 'meem' - just for future reading reference. I hate mispronouncing stuff, even if it's in my own head.)
So imagine my surprise when Missy tagged me! I'm so excited. I feel like I've joined a club or something! :) I'm just sorry it's taken me so long to get around to posting. With all of the dossier paperwork, it had to take a back seat. I'm sure you understand! :)
So without further ado, here are eight random things about me...followed by a tag of some unsuspecting victims.

  1. 1. I LOVE milk! Not just a little. A LOT! In fact, I don't drink much else. I'll drink water and orange juice, but milk is my favorite. I don't drink soda, coffee or tea at all. I can't stand the stuff. And I don't want anything else in my milk. Just plain old skim milk. Mmmmm.
  2. 2. Summer is wasted on me. Not because I don't like the heat and humidity (although it gets way too hot here.), but because I can't stand WASPS! For some reason that I'm not able to define, I am terrified of them...and it ruins summer for me. I don't like being outside when I know they're around. I go out early in the morning and in the evening after it's cooled off. But in between I stay inside. (Don't worry I go to ball games and stuff, but I'm always on alert and a nervous wreck (inside) if ones comes around.) I'm trying to get better about it and in the last couple of years I have improved. I just make sure when I see a wasp, I get my tail back inside.
  3. 3. I miss working as a photojournalist in T.V. news. I know, I know, all journalists are all evil...but I loved it! I liked knowing that some of the things I covered actually mattered. I took pride in the fact that the reporters I worked with had a conscious and integrity and refused to cover anything in an unprofessional manner. I liked the fact that when the big stories broke I got to be a witness to history (I covered the Oklahoma City Bombing, Bob Dole's run for the presidency). And there is nothing like the thrill of chasing storms - you can't do that in a mini-van with three kids! Don't get me wrong. I wouldn't change my life now for anything. But there are days (especially when big news stories break) that I dream of being back in the newsroom, running like a crazy woman, trying to get the news on the air. Aaaah...the adrenaline rush!
  4. 4. I played on a high school BOYS baseball team as a freshman and sophomore. Meshack and I went to a small high school in rural Colorado. It was so small that anyone could try out for any sport. I played volleyball (All-State my senior year), girls basketball (I stunk), track and baseball. I was also a cheerleader. I don't think the boys liked having me as a teammate on the baseball team and Meshack took a lot of ribbing. I started second base (a couple of guys sat on the bench - hee-hee!) and I had a better batting average than some of the guys. Meshack played first and I played second. Romantic, huh?!
  5. 5. While we're on the subject of high school, I was the salutatorian of my senior class. There were only three kids in the class. ;) In my defense I did have a decent GPA...a 3.7.
  6. 6. I like NASCAR. Not in the "die-hard, I'll pay a thousand bucks for a ticket" kind of way. More of a 'it's a nice diversion when there's no football" kind of way. My favorite driver is Tony Stewart which Meshack grills me about all the time. He says Tony is not a good role model for the kids. I figure he's a hard worker and doesn't give up too easily. Besides, I'm really the only fan in the house so we'll just overlook the temper tantrums. :)
  7. 7. My kids are better eaters than I am. I'm really picky...way too picky for my own good. Thankfully my two oldest kids came wired with pretty good eating habits. My youngest...well, he's learning the hard way that I'm not going to let him learn to be picky. I don't want him to go through what I've endured. I realize my eating habits are my own fault, but it's not easy being finicky. So far it's working. All of the kids are such good eaters that they'll go for their vegetables first and leave their meat for last. They also ask for fruit, yogurt or applesauce for dessert. Cool, huh? Q-ball has actually turned down a chocolate chip cookie for grapes and yogurt before...of course he was really young then and didn't know any better! ;) I don't think that would happen today. I'm working on my pickiness...I'll actually eat some bits of tomato now and then and can handle broccoli and cauliflower with cheese...but you'll have to pay me quite a bit to take a bite of lettuce. And you can forget about anything fishy.
  8. 8. My two brothers and I have unknowingly fulfilled our father's dream. We have all adopted at least one of our children. Of course, all three (soon to be four) of ours are adopted. My brother 'Leo' adopted his older two and is getting ready to head to China to adopt a little girl; and my youngest brother 'Lou' is in the process of adopting his oldest daughter and is thinking about adopting internationally in the next few years.A few months ago my parents and I were talking and they revealed to me that years ago, after Louis was born, they thought about adopting...but my mom didn't think she could handle another child at the time. (I blame my brothers for that! :) They never got back around to considering adoption. Now, 25+ years later more than half of their grandchildren are adopted (eight out of 13!). Cool, huh?!
That's it. Eight random bits of useless information about me. I hereby tag...

- Jessica - 'Just Another Day in Paradise'
- E - 'Looking for George'
- Valerie - 'Bringing Home Kaycee'

They're all wonderful people and great bloggers. I hope they'll play along...it will be fun to learn more about them. If they've already been tagged, please forgive me. I also tag those of you who haven't been tagged yet. I hope you'll accept. I'd love to learn more about you!

8 salty messages:

Steffie B. June 3, 2007 at 7:43 PM  

Boys baseball huh???? You rebel you! lol

Calico Sky June 4, 2007 at 6:30 AM  

This is a wonderful post,I actually shed a tear about how many children in your family are adopted. What a very special family you have!!

kate June 4, 2007 at 11:06 AM  

I adore milk and loathe summer heat. And, am way impressed with your baseball skills!

Where were you in CO? I grew up in Co. Spgs.

Starfish June 4, 2007 at 12:13 PM  

Wow, we couldn't be more opposite! I abhor milk (I gagged just reading #1) and I LOVE summer! It's okay though, I still like you!

E. June 4, 2007 at 8:14 PM  

Storm chasing is fun! And, though my tenure as a print journalist was short and undistinguished before I became a stay-at-home mom, I know what you mean about missing the action. *sigh* O.K., now I have to go think of 8 random things about me.

jessy June 4, 2007 at 8:17 PM  


My dad has your exact same feelings regarding wasps. But, he goes on the offensive. He loves those new fangled electric tennis rackets; the sizzle they make is music to his ears.

Missy June 5, 2007 at 6:19 PM  

I got into a hive of hornets when I was 11 or so. Got stung 87 times...so I understand the terror of bees! Thank you for humoring me and doing this! I LOVE learning about my blogger buddies!

adoptedthree June 6, 2007 at 8:34 PM  

I am not gonna play like I told Missy only because I listed my 100 things and frankly anymore and my dad would dig his grave LOL

Gotta keep those things hidden
But I am tagging you and the rest of your blogging buds to my ten best summer things..
Tag your it,,,

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