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Saturday, June 9, 2007

Alright...that was too long of a break!

I didn't set out intending to be a slacker this week - although I think I needed it. I know I've posted stuff, but I feel like I've been cheating...linking to other pages, re-posting old stories, saving my memes for when I can't think of anything to write. I hereby promise to blog something completely original this weekend.
Until then, Leanna over at 3 Journeys of the Heart tagged me for my top 10 things about summer. As you all may remember from a previous meme, summer is not my favorite season for one very good reason - WASPS! But there are several things I do love about summer...
So here's my Top 10 - Letterman style...
  • 10. LIGHTNING BUGS - They're so cool! I used to love chasing them as a kid at my grandparent's house in Pennsylvania. I grew up in Colorado and we didn't have the little creatures, so when we visited Grandma and Pap we spent every evening chasing the poor things and capturing them in jars. We now live in an area that has lightning bugs and I love sitting out on the front (or back) porch and watching my kids chase them to their hearts content. Some things never change.
  • 9. MY YARD - I love watching how things grow and change during this warmest of seasons. My grass is coming along nicely thanks to the Green Chemlawn Man. Love him! My flowers and plants are filling in nicely. And there's nothing like hearing the wind blow through the trees. Aaaaah!
  • 8. NO SHOES - I love shoes - really I do. I have tons of shoes! But I also love not having to put socks and shoes on everywhere I go. I'd much rather be barefoot...so summer is the perfect excuse not to wear shoes. I have a few (thousand) pairs of flip-flops that I'll wear to pick up the mail, go for a walk or run to the neighbors. I have a couple pair of sandal-like I'll wear to church, work and to town (meaning bigger town, you know - to shop - for more shoes). But when I'm at home...I don't wear shoes at all! EVER!
  • 7. INDEPENDENCE DAY - I love the parades, fireworks, community barbeque and family fun events like pedal tractor pulls, frog jumps and three-legged races. We live in a great little town that still has all of the above. There's nothing like it...if it isn't 102!
  • 6. FLA-VOR-ICE - You know - the long skinny, push up popsicles. My favorite is grape, followed closely by cherry, lime and whatever flavor the blue ones are. Mmmmm.
  • 5. OPEN WINDOWS - I love sleeping with the windows open! There's nothing like it in the world! The only problem with summer is that you can only do it during the early and very late summer. If it gets above 70 degrees at night, forget it - I'm turning on the air! But if it's in the 60s or below our windows are at least cracked open a bit.
  • 4. BBQ - I love cooking out. Whether its hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken or brats...we're all about cooking out in the summer. First of all, it's cooler - you know how I feel about cool. Secondly, Meshack does the grillin' which means I don't have to - always a good thing. And lastly, it just tastes GOOD! My favorite BBQ menus right now are cheese filled brats, potato salad and watermelon, followed closely by grilled chicken, grilled potatoes and corn on the cob. Mmmmm...
  • 3.LITTLE LEAGUE BASEBALL/SOFTBALL - I know, I know, sometimes it can be a bit like watching paint dry. But I love watching MY kids. They're so cute in their little uniforms. And the looks ontheir faces when they hit the ball, steal a base and find out their team has won is priceless. JacJac starts T-ball this week and I can't wait. He's got the cutest little uniform! ;) Note to self - post some pics.
  • 2. VACATION!!!! - We didn't get to go on our summer vacation this year. Gas prices and the adoption plans nipped that one in the bud, but the ideal vacation for us is a week in northern Minnesota along Lake Superior. Last year we picked up the kids on their last day of school, with suitcases strapped to the luggage rack of the mini-van and took off for six glorious days playing around the greatest of lakes. (See pic above) It was awesome! We really missed it this year and are already planning on making sure we get there next summer.
  • And the top thing I love about summer is...
  • 1. IT'S SHORT! - Summer is only three months long. That's long enough to make me really appreciate my absolute favorite season...FALL!
I hereby tag...
Coming soon...an original blog. I promise.

3 salty messages:

Rachael June 9, 2007 at 4:52 PM  

Thanks for the tag, Tami. I LOVE summer, so this should be easy. I'm a little up to my neck in wedding stuff and family visiting right now, but I'll save it for next week when I get back in the swing of blogging.

adoptedthree June 9, 2007 at 9:27 PM  

Hey Tami
Love the pic in Minnesota and I love that you were ready to leave the day school got out. I am thinking this might be something we will plan in the future BUT we always attend Ukraine adoption reunions- go figure- because they are such a blast and we get to see so many Ukie cuties. This year we are doing it in Myrtle beach- yipee

Missy June 9, 2007 at 9:42 PM  

You returned the favor, huh? :) I did it although this one was a little more difficult for me. Hope you enjoy!

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