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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Well...it's official.
JacJac is a Kindergartner.
I didn't cry...I was pretty proud of myself.
I was absolutely convinced I was going to bawl like a baby...but I didn't.
I didn't have time.

You see, Meshack and I managed to accomplish something absolutely classic last Thursday.
We gave our son a case of Middle Child Syndrome.
We started out great. Both of us made sure we told our bosses we would be in late - since it was his first day of school. We took the obligatory picture in front of the fireplace before we walked out the door. And we walked him to his classroom like the proud parents we were.
But as we got there I saw one of the other Mom's I know crying, so I went over to comfort her. Meshack in his guy-like way lost track of the older two kids who took off running for their classrooms. (I'm glad they're excited about school and everything...but I would really have liked to have had one last hug!)
I finally was able to detach from the crying mother in time to turn around and see JacJac walk into his classroom. I dashed down the hall...being sure not to set a bad example by running...and ducked into the classroom just in time to see him start digging into the toy box.
Where was my goodbye hug?
Where was the hesitancy?
The least he could do would be to make me feel like he would miss me?!
I turned to go and realized we hadn't gotten his first day of kindergarten picture in the classroom. I turned to Meshack (who had been taking pictures this morning while I was getting ready) and absently asked him for the camera.
'What camera,' he asked.
'The camera we need to take his first day of kindergarten picture in the classroom,' I calmly replied.
'Oh, I didn't bring the camera. We already took his picture at home!'
We try so hard to make sure we don't short-change JacJac...and many times we end up doing it inadvertently. The baby books or lack thereof, the 2-year-old portraits taken 8 months too late and the birthday dinner fiasco (that I still haven't blogged about...sorry, it's in the queue)
And here we go again!
Meshack digs out his camera phone, because of course I have forgotten my purse, phone and everything else at home
(including the dental card that we had made the emergency appointment for on Wednesday!) - AGAIN! (When am I going to learn?)
Shad's phone is full.
He quickly tries to erase some of the other pictures, but it's not working.
Meanwhile, other parents are trying to squeeze past us to get their kids all settled in. We're blocking the doorway, the phone is not working and my baby is so thrilled to be in Kindergarten he's off playing in the corner. He didn't even turn around to say goodbye!
Finally, after a lot of mumbling under his breath and after all of the other parents have left and the second bell has rung, Meshack got the camera phone to work.
We take the picture (top). Not great - but it will do. (I'm too embarrassed to ask for another one. We're already holding up their first day of school!) We hug JacJac goodbye and walk out the door.
If it weren't for the fact we're adopting from Ukraine in a few months, that would be my youngest going off to school!
After supper Thursday night, as I was typing up the blog, 'pinch me,' I checked the email. There in the inbox was an email from JacJac's teacher. Attached was a picture of JacJac on his first day of school (below).
So sweet.
And all of that agony for nothing!
Sigh. Sniff...sniff.

2 salty messages:

Old DAN AND Little ANN August 19, 2007 at 7:39 PM  

That is such an exciting step. I think it shows how secure and condfident he is that he goes right in and engages in his class setting. You have obviously done a lot of things right!

Rachael August 20, 2007 at 11:48 AM  

Glad to know we're not the only ones going back to school! Ours started today, and everyone keeps asking -- already?? (I remembered my camera and thoroughly embarrassed the kids I'm sure!)

JacJac looks pretty happy to be in Kindergarten -- how nice that the teacher took and sent you a pic.

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