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changing the game plan

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What day is it?
I can't remember...
Are we on day nine, 10 or 11?
I'm a little confused by this adoption process and I'm really bad at math...so I'm relying on the help of others.
Our paperwork was submitted on Aug. 13...
I know there was a national holiday last Friday...
So which day is it?
I'm going to take a guess and say we're on day nine? (That way if it's 10 or 11, I'll be pleasantly surprised! :)
The great news is either way, we're half-way there!
I'm excited.
But I'm also a little scared.
I guess the reality is starting to set in.
I go through this each and every time.
I imagine it's kind of like a pregnancy.
You plan for the child, you want the child, but once you get paper pregnant, there's no going back.
And then the self-doubt starts setting in.
What am I getting myself into?
How will this change our family?
How are the kids going to react?
We got a taste of the new reality this weekend.
We took our son's friend with us to town on Saturday. We went out to eat, stopped by Menards and got some groceries, at a very packed W*lmart. Everywhere we went, I felt that extra person.
It was one extra head to keep track of...
One extra person to steer through the crowds...
One more child to keep in line...

And it didn't help that Wally-World was CROWDED. It's was a nuthouse. I don't know why everyone and their brother was there, but it was bumper to bumper in the parking lot, aisles and check out lanes!
So having another child in tow was...I don't know...
It wasn't bad...
It just didn't feel natural.
I guess we have reached a point where it is pretty easy to keep track of the kids. And adding the extra person messes with our game plan.
When Q-ball was our only child, we played 2 on 1...
When we brought Punky and JacJac home it was a HUGE transition...we had to play zone defense.
I don't know how we'll manage 2 on 4!
I know in my head that we'll be fine.
We want to bring Maddie home...we REALLY do!
It's just going to take an adjustment to our play book.
Seeeeee...this is what happens when I have too much time to think about things!
This is why I have said over and over and over...
I can't stand waiting!
What day are we on, again?!

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DoveFamily August 29, 2007 at 5:59 AM  

Okay, today is Wednesday... so if I do the math, don't count the day it was submitted, and take away Independence Day, it seems like today would be Day 11 for you!! Just keep in mind that August is a big travel month in EE, so it could be a bit longer than 20 biz days. But you'll get the big news before you know it!

Gail,  August 29, 2007 at 8:14 AM  

Congrats on being half way there. Yep. You know the truth. You will be fine.

Rachael August 29, 2007 at 11:01 AM  

Tami, you'll be fine. Even numbers are good, every one can pair up. Said from a mom of 4 who thought going from 3 to 4 was no big deal. It was. But it's still fine. You can do this.

Nataliya August 29, 2007 at 11:46 AM  

Tami, that's exactly what I'm thinking! How hard it's going to be? Will I be able to "steer one more person through the crowd"? And mind you, I'm only going from 1 to 2 (I don't count my 18-year old, he can take care of himself :) I know it will be fine, but still...

Yup, it's day 11 :) You are halfway through!

jessy August 29, 2007 at 5:16 PM  

Look at this way: What if you didn't bring her home? Wouldn't you constantly feel as though someone was missing? That is how I know it is time for us to go again. When I count heads I have the vague--but alarming--sensation that someone who should be there isn't.
Any new headaches (and there will be many)that come with your new addition are nothing compared to carrying that heartache.

E. August 30, 2007 at 12:03 PM  

Oh do I know how you feel! I often think, "what am I doing?!?!?" Then, when my niece was with us a few days last week and there was that extra person to keep track of (and she is very low maintenance, really) and then she broke her wrist while she was with us . . . and I thought, "What am I doing?!?!?!" But then there is the rest of the time -- all of the times I load the four kids into the Suburban, take off down the road, and then keep checking in the rear-view mirror and counting heads to make sure everyone is there because I just have this OVERWHELMING feeling that I am missing someone; and I know there is supposed to be one more head in that rear-view mirror. You'll do great. The transition to four isn't nearly as difficult.

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