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losing my identity

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Five years ago today, Meshack and I, for the first time, helped one of our children celebrate their first birthday! :) We'd never had that honor before...and we definitely got into the spirit of the occasion. We hauled a cake and frosting mix all the way to Russia so we could celebrate in style.
Five years later, it's no different. We're still celebrating in style. In fact that's what we've done tonight. So, in lieu of writing an original blog and in honor of JacJac's 6th birthday, I thought I'd repost a blog (that I wrote on a different site) to give you some insight into my little guy's personality. Enjoy!
Happy Birthday JacJac!
Hey JacJac's mom!
That's JacJac's mom.
Where's JacJac's mom?
That's how I'm known in my son's circle of friends. Not by Tami, not by Mrs. C., not by 'Hey you!' I'm JacJac's mom....and I love it.
It started a little over two years ago. JacJac started preschool at our local elementary school. He was getting some extra speech help and his teacher thought it would be a good idea to have him join the preschool class to help boost his language skills. Sure he was a little young...he had just turned 3...but he was bright and should be just fine.
In just a matter of a few weeks we noticed kids were saying 'Hi!' to JacJac as we passed them on the street, at the grocery store and at football games. And it wasn't just the preschool kids. It was the older elementary school kids, the junior high kids and even some high schoolers. People we didn't even know were saying 'Hi!' to him.
At first Meshack and I thought kids were just being nice to Q-ball's younger brother. I mean, how could a preschooler have made all these friends? But it soon became apparent they were saying 'Hi!' to JacJac for JacJac's sake. They wanted to play with him, sit by him and be his friend.
Then we started hearing stories.
It seems JacJac had become somewhat of a cult hero at school. Evidentally he was a rebel in the lunchroom...a rebel with a cause. He had figured out his big brother had lunch at the same time as his class and he wanted to sit by Q, eat lunch with him and hang out. Unfortunately his teachers had other ideas.
We soon learned JacJac had a habit of running around the lunch room with his preschool teachers chasing after him. They wanted him to sit with the rest of his class....imagine that! Of course, the kids loved it and cheered him on, which of course made him run faster. A very vicious circle.
The result was JacJac becoming something of a school mascot. A hero. An every kids, kid. The school counselor, who unfortunately had become very familiar with JacJac, told us the kids saw him as someone they knew they couldn't be. He could do the things they wanted to do...and get away with it...because he was only three!
Eventually a truce was reached. If JacJac would sit with his class during lunch, the preschool teachers would let him talk to Q-ball as he left the lunchroom (with a teacher firmly at his side).
Things finally quieted down.
Thankfully, JacJac has left his lunchroom lap days behind him. He's a much more mature 5-year- old. His speech has gotten much better...his academics are great and he now sits with his class and just says 'Hi!' to Q on the playground. He does much better at listening to his teachers and following the rules. But it hasn't quelled his popularity. Kids still say 'Hi!' to him on the street...people we don't know will wave at him.
JacJac has always had a presence. There's just something about him that draws people in. It may be his quick smile, his unending energy or perhaps it's his red hair. I don't know exactly what it is...but I love the fact that he is so gregarious, so extroverted and so positive. He's a great kid...so I'm alright with losing my identity...and being known as JacJac's mom.

5 salty messages:

Calico Sky August 3, 2007 at 3:11 AM  

I am crying my eyes out!
What a lovely son you have!!

Gail,  August 3, 2007 at 9:17 AM  

That is such a funny story. Looking at the adorable picture, I can see why he is so popular.
Happy Birthday Jac Jac!!

E. August 3, 2007 at 11:52 AM  

What a fun story. Thanks for sharing it.

kate August 3, 2007 at 12:25 PM  

Sounds like a great way to be known!

ColleenD September 9, 2007 at 6:14 PM  

Yup! This sounds familiar to me! Although I don't think my little N is winning the popularity contest quite as much.
Thanks for another little laugh. And also thanks for the encouragement!

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