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morning with my little man

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

This morning JacJac and I got to spend some extra time together one-on-one. And while the cause (dentist appt.) wasn't that special...the moments were priceless.
Here are a few JacJac'isms for your entertainment pleasure. :)
Meshack carted the other two kids off to the babysitter early this morning, so JacJac was a bit lost. He didn't have anyone to play with and he just wasn't interested in the T.V., so he joined me in the bathroom as I was finishing my morning routine.

JacJac - 'Mommm'
Me - 'Yes, honey?'
JacJac - 'What ya doin'?'
Me - 'I'm putting on my makeup.'
JacJac - 'What's it for?'
Me - 'It's supposed to make me look pretty.'
JacJac - 'Ohhhhh.'
Me - 'Is it working?'
JacJac - (Squinting his eyes, tilting his head and taking a real close look.) 'I don't know.'
Bored with my seemingly fruitless attempts at self-beautification, JacJac ran off to the living room to see what he can find on T.V.

JacJac - Yelling from the living room - 'Mom, I can't find the remote!'
Me - Yelling from the bathroom - 'Honey, you can turn the T.V. on without it,'
JacJac - Yelling from the living room - 'Nuh..uuuuuh.'
Me - 'Yelling from the bathroom - Yes you can!'
JacJac - Yelling from the living room - 'Nuh. Uuuuuh!'
Me - I walk from the bathroom to the living room, 'JacJac you CAN turn the T.V. on without the remote...and you can change the channels too.'
I push the buttons.
JacJac - 'Wow! I've got to show Q-ball!"

Okay, now he has not only insulted my makeup skills...he's making me feel old! :) What has the world come to that my child can run the T.V., VCR, DVD player and DVR like a champ and not realize you can turn the channels without a remote?!
As we were walking out the door on the way to the dentist, JacJac grabbed the bag of chocolate animal crackers to take to the babysitter's house to share with the other kids. The bag was already opened (it was left over from Q-ball's swim party)...so it was an accident waiting to happen.

Me - JacJac, let me carry that for you.
JacJac - No, Mom! I can get it.
Me - Are you sure sweetie...you've got to be careful, or your going to spill it?
JacJac - I've got it Mom. (With a sigh and the roll of the eyes. - I'm telling you right now this kid is going to push me to the limit as a teenager! :)
Me - Alright JacJac...just be careful.

I grab the dog's leash and bring her in, while JacJac goes to talk to the cat while he's waiting. I am gone less than a minute! As I go out the door I see him bent over, picking something out of the grass and putting it in the bag.
Yep...he had dumped half the bag of cookies in the grass! And was trying to salvage them!
We went to the dentist, where he got a clean bill of health. Thank goodness! Afterwards, we went to Wally*World to pick up a few supplies. As we were walking across the parking lot, he grabbed my hand, looked up at me and said, 'Mommy, I looooove you.'
It doesn't get any better than that!
Above: JacJac models the shades as he prepares for his dental cleaning. The dentist and hygienist gave him a clean bill of health. Sorry for the photo quality. I'm really bad at taking picture with my cell phone, but he was just too cute to pass up! :)

5 salty messages:

Old DAN AND Little ANN August 16, 2007 at 1:44 AM  

Reminds me of that song "Can't get enough of this everyday love". So precious.

Rachael August 16, 2007 at 6:01 AM  

OH, the I love you's are the best!

3D August 16, 2007 at 9:31 AM  

That is heartwarming.

I still call the remote control 'converter' sometimes.

Keep smilin!

Calico Sky August 16, 2007 at 11:46 AM  

Oh Tami, this is a great post! What a cutie you have there!!!

jessy August 16, 2007 at 3:46 PM  

Oh it is so fun on the rare occasions when "the gang" gets broken up and you have sweet one-on-one time!

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