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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Boy, has it been boring around here or what?!
I haven't had a whole lot to tell you all lately, sorry about that.
Really...there's not that much to tell.
The kids are back in school and doing well.
Q-ball has had a little bit of a struggle adjusting to the difference between third and fourth grade.
I really never gave it much thought before, but it really is quite a jump. When you're in third grade you're still considered a little kid...when you hit fourth, all of a sudden you're expected to start doing more academically.
He's up the challenge...it's just taking a bit of an adjustment. He has two teachers now, instead of just one to get used to. They switch classrooms...which I don't really understand the need for. (I guess it's to get them used to the idea of when they move on to middle school). And there hasn't been as much review this year as there has been in years past. So when you factor in the residue of what we call the 'leftovers' from his days in the babyhouse, you can understand why things are a little tough right now.
Thankfully, it looks like he might be starting to pull through. He has traditionally been an A and B student...and he brought home his first A of the year on a Social Studies test. Yeah, Q-ball! He also did much better on his math homework - which has been giving him a lot of fits this year.
Punky is sailing through first grade (where's some wood?!).
She loves it.
She loves her teacher.
She loves her friends.
She loves her desk.
She loves her classroom.
She loves her music teacher.
She loves the lunch menu.
She loves the homework.
She loves....well, you get the idea.
She's doing great.
And JacJac is doing awesome! We are so incredibly proud of our little man. If you don't remember JacJac's struggles, check out this post on my other blog and you'll get an idea of how proud we are of the fact that he hasn't lost any of his 'coins' yet this year.
Coins are what the kindergartners use for reward/discipline.
JacJac has coins.
Punky has moon rocks.
And Q-ball has traffic tickets.
Hmmmmm...somehow it sounds much nicer than what I had in elementary school...
Mr. Yardstick!

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