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Sunday, September 30, 2007

What an interesting weekend.
We haven't done much except spend some much needed time together...
But it has been eye opening to say the least.
First of all...we have done absolutely NOTHING on the adoption front.
Oh, wait! That's not quite true. I did buy an all-in-one international adapter plug with surge protector from Wa!-Mart.
That's adoption related.
I have to have a safe way to plug in my laptop when we travel.
So there you have it.
One adoption-related task out of the way...about 5,000 to go!
And nope...we still don't have tickets.
For some reason, Meshack and I are complete chickens when it comes to buying airline tickets and would much rather have someone else purchase them for us. (We'd even let them pay for it! :)
This week is the week though.
We can't put it off any longer. I just want to make sure I talk with our agency one last time before we push the 'purchase' button!
In other news...
I took the day off on Friday and went with JacJac on his first 'real' field trip.
I promised him once he got into kindergarten I would start going with him on his field trips.
He's been counting down the days since the first day of school!
And I have to admit...it was fun.
We went to a petting zoo/museum. It was pretty cool and the kids had a great time.
And then...
Q-ball got hurt this weekend.
Oh...don't worry, it's nothing serious. Just a few scrapes and bruises...but it was his reaction to the scrapes and bruises that made me all reflective this weekend.
Well, that and the handfuls of !buprofen I'm taking to combat PMS.
Q-ball was riding his bike on Saturday when he somehow took a tumble. He picked himself up and walked his bike home with his knee and elbow bleeding.
When he got home, he came in the house crying and wanting some extra hugs.
Not so unusual, I know, but eight years ago I wondered if he would ever react normally to pain.
Q-ball came from a situation so terrible that at 18 months of age he had no reaction to pain at all.
I remember one time when he literally ran into the corner of our kitchen table, bounced off (with a divet in his forehead), picked himself up and kept running.
That was tough to watch.
It took about six months of comforting even the tiniest of boo-boos before he would genuinely react to getting hurt and come looking for one of us to help him.
Even now, he has a higher pain threshhold than most kids.
Most people think he's just a tough cookie...
What they don't see is all of the babyhouse baggage he's brought with him.
While he's been able to get rid of most of it, there are some little things that keep popping up unexpectedly to remind us of where he's been and how far he has come.
I don't know what made me think of all of that this weekend.
I imagine it's because we're so close to traveling and a lot of those old feelings and memories are starting to come back.
I need to start sorting through all of those feelings...
The insecurities...
...and joy.
When I get it all sorted out, I'll let you know.

4 salty messages:

Courtney October 1, 2007 at 12:30 PM  

I totally understand about the airline tickets! I checked the date many many time before I clicked through to purchase!!

adoptedthree October 1, 2007 at 1:34 PM  

Wanted to first say Congrads on the travel date- yeah!

Glad you are attending the field trips. Definitely is hard to do with three in school.
I too have agreed to spend more school time with my kids this year. Yes I will attend the parties when I can I have promised the kids- sigh- hope my boss agrees.

Oksana when she first came home did a backflip off my bed into the corner of the dresser drawing a huge gash and blood on the back of her head with little reaction. Sad.

Nataliya October 2, 2007 at 9:11 AM  

Tami, I agree - if somebody could purchase the tickets for us, we would gladly let them pay for it :)

Field trip sounds like a lot of fun! I'm going to the first ever preschool field trip with my daughter next week!

Poor Q-ball, it must've hurt when he fell, and of course now you think about the past memories...

Old DAN AND Little ANN October 2, 2007 at 9:54 AM  

I love petting zoos. Even in Disneyland with all it's bells and whistles my husband had to almost drag me out of the petting zoo in Fronteirland. Pets? NO WAY! Do not want pets. - I know, I'm weird. We do have the quintessential beta fish though to help us not feel like total wet blanket parents.

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