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Saturday, October 27, 2007

I finally did something to get ready for this adoption, besides making a laundry list of things to get done.
I went shopping.
The funny thing is I didn't get that much accomplished.
At least not if you look at my 'To Do' list.
I didn't get much checked off at all.
But I did take care of a couple of 'biggies'...for me.
I have two main concerns while we're there.
The first - laundry.
There's been a discussion on the FRUA boards lately about laundry facilities. To be honest, when we adopted from Russia it wasn't THAT big of a concern. For Q-ball we were there just under a week...we just brought all of our dirty clothes home with us.
For Punky and JacJac, it was a bit longer, but still not much of a hardship.
This time I could be there well over a month.
I'm going to need to get good at doing laundry without all of the modern conveniences - like a dryer...and maybe a washer.
So I've compiled a list of things I need to get ready.
And I started checking them off on yesterday's shopping trip.
The other concern is medical.
I'm absolutely petrified of getting sick while we're over there and not having any way of getting my hands on NyQui!!
I've even taken the unprecedented step of SUGGESTING to Meshack that we get our flu shots!!!
Can you believe it?!
I WANT to get a shot!
I must be getting sick.
What I am is worried...make that concerned.
Since I'll be there for so long, and away from everything that is familiar, I'm thinking germs will see me as a prime target. And my only experience with the Russian (Ukrainian) medical system left something to be desired.
When we adopted Q-ball he had a terrible bug. We took him to the doctor (for the Visa exam) and they prescribed several concoctions, none of which were antibiotics, only one of which was even vaguely familiar...MOMS...aka - Vicks Vap0 Rub.
I hate that stuff!
The other stuff seemed holistic in nature and we weren't too comfortable with that. So needless to say we relied pretty heavily on the pediatric Ty!enol Cold medicine we brought with us. Thankfully we were only in the country for a week...by the time we got him to our pediatrician he had an ear infection, bronchitis and possibly strep.
Ever since then, I've made sure to bring the entire medicine cabinet with us.
So you can imagine what my list is looking like.
Here's a peek at the stuff I was able to check off yesterday...

  • Febreeze (okay, it's not medicinal, but somebody recommended it, so I'm going with it.)
  • Wrinkle releaser (I have a feeling I'll be needing this.)
  • Universal sink stopper (I've got a laundry theme going here don't I?)
  • Purel! (see...I told you we would get to the germs)
  • Dramamine (This is for Meshack...I refuse to get air sickness! :)
  • Advi! (I bought one bottle, but I may go back for a second.)
  • Pept0 Bismo! (2 pks of tablets)
  • NyQui! (Is one box enough?)
  • DayQui! (I'm thinking two.)
I still need to pick up some more Prilosec and I haven't even though about kid's medicine yet. I need to go through the medicine cabinet and see what I may already have doubles of.
And honestly this hasn't even begun to touch the overall list. We still have to buy Punky's birthday gifts, get Christmas taken care of, write the doctors/medical releases for the kids, buy new suitcases, do some more shopping...
Who's panicking?
Nooooo....not meeee...
I've got plenty of time.
I have...


3 salty messages:

kate October 28, 2007 at 12:14 PM  

No worries, Tami--you've got 35 days! ;>

Have you gotten a flu shot before? I get really sick when I get them. If you've never had one, you might want to reconsider...

Bring all the meds and just leave them if you don't use them. I've had friends bring me all sorts of child meds just so I'd be ready when d2b arrives. I just wish I had some antibiotics. Can your dr. rx you some broad spectrum antibiotics in case you need them?

Debbie October 28, 2007 at 4:33 PM  

Boy, only 35 days? I'll be sure to be praying for you! I don't want to sidetrack you, but I'm wondering about shots...do we HAVE to have them? I HATE them. :-)

Nataliya October 29, 2007 at 8:29 AM  

Sounds very familiar :) My 'To Do' list is getting bigger and bigger despite checking off items daily!

Nice list - I'm taking the same items with me :) I agree about the medicine cabinet - it's better to be safe than sorry!

Do you have an example of doctor/medical releases for the kids? I had it a couple of months ago, but I can't find it!

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