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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

While I was gone, Justine tagged me to do the 'Fours' meme.
I'm excited...it's been awhile since I've done one of these.
So here you go...more information about me than you'd probably ever want to know! :)

Jobs I've had:

1. Photojournalist - TV station in Wichita, KS. Loved it! I got to do a bunch of exciting stuff including storm chasing - which is my absolute favorite thing to do. Can't do it with kids in a mini-van though so I've put away my phojo skills...for now.
2. Extension Assistant - Food and Nutrition Dept. - KSU. I honestly am not quite sure how I ended up in this position, although it was one I loved and I certainly learned a lot! I worked in the department on work study during college. They were great people to work with...and so when I graduated and a position came up working on a newsletter for the department, I jumped on it. Great benefits, great people....but I wanted to work in TV...so after a year, I moved on.
3. Adjunct Instructor - community college in Iowa - LOVED THIS JOB! If Meshack wouldn't have gotten a better paying job back in Kansas I would still be working here. The hours were great (part-time), I was teaching what I loved...and honestly the students were great. They were in the journalism program, so they were interested in what I was teaching them - which makes all the difference in the world!
4. Housekeeper - I cleaned homes for awhile when Meshack and I first got married. It taught me a lot...I guess that's good. It made me a better housekeeper. That's good too. But I couldn't stand cleaning other people's homes. After about a year, I quit to work as a clerk in a grocery store.

Places I have lived:

1. Briggsdale, Colorado - It's tiny. Look it up. I tell you there are only maybe 100 people living in the town, but it's the best place (in my humble opinion) to live! As a kid, you can walk barefoot down the middle of the street (if you can handle the rocks in the road), you can see the mountains from your backyard, there's no air pollution and you know absolutely EVERYONE. I'd move back there in a heartbeat, if Meshack could find a job that paid anything.
2. Wichita, Kansas - Another great town...although it is more of a city. Throw every misconception you have about Wichita out of your mind and go there to see for yourself. It reminds me quite a bit of San Antonio, Texas. There's a river flowing through the middle of the downtown area which they're concentrating a lot of their new development around. There's a minor league baseball team, plenty of museums, a great warehouse district and tons of festivals. I'm serious...you should check it out. The only reason we're not going back there ourselves is there's no family around and I can't see myself working in TV again with a family of six to take care of.
3. George, Iowa - Cute town...stayed there about three years. Enjoyed it.
4. Lots of other places including Manhattan, Kansas, Bloomington-Normal, Illinois, Peoria, Illinois...etc.

Food I love:

1. Chocolate - Enough said.
2. Hot chocolate - Are you sensing a trend here.
3. Brownies - Yep...I'm addicted.
4. Lasagna - I had to throw some 'real' food in here. I actually do love anything Italian, although since my ulcer last January, it hasn't loved me so much. I'm finally to the point that 'if;'I remember to take my Pri!osec, I can enjoy this favorite food. The key word here is 'IF'. I'm not so good at remembering to take stuff everyday.

Places I'd rather be:

1. In Ukraine bringing Maddie home - (You probably already guessed that one!)
2. Lake Superior's north shore - We go to northern Minnesota every summer for vacation, but we didn't this year so that we could save up for the adoption. We missed our family time. The kids are still asking about it. Hopefully next summer we'll be able to introduce Maddie to our favorite vacation destination.
3. Anchorage/Palmer, Alaska - I visited as a teen (see next section) and fell in love with the place. I NEED to go back!
4. New England in the fall - We WILL be going there someday. Possibly for our 20th anniversary...that's the plan anyway.

Places I've travelled:

1. Alaska - LOVED IT!
2. Iceland - Actually, we were just traveling through on our way to London and then Moscow on our first trip to meet Punky and JacJac. But from the looks of the airport Meshack is convinced we need to return. I'm game.
3. Russia - Yea...I know. Duh. But I spent some serious time there...over a month altogether. We enjoyed the trips and the people have captured our hearts. We brought Q-ball on our second trip to get Punky and JacJac. We hope someday we can all return for a visit.
4. Others - Canada, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland, Indiana, Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Wyoming...etc.

Movies I love:

1. Kate & Leopold
2. The Lake House
3. The Holiday
4. When Harry Met Sally

T.V. Shows I Watch:

1. House Hunters
2. Brothers & Sisters
3. 24
4. I'm not watching a lot of T.V. right now which is really strange for me...I'm usually a couch potato, but I've been doing a lot more surfing, reading and housework than normal. Don't worry, I'm sure I'll come out of it soon! :)

Books I Love:

1. Anne of Green Gables - L.M. Montgomery - actually anything from this series is good. I need to buy the set for Punky.
2. Left Behind - Jenkins and LaHaye - again...anything from the series is good. I'm a little behind on my reading of this series. (I've only read one of the prequels, so I'm going to get the rest of them and try to catch up in Ukraine.)
3. The Princess - Lori Wick - again...anything by Lori Wick is excellent. I'm not sure why this one stands out for me, but I love it.
4. The Purpose Driven Life - Rick Warren - I'm typically a Christian fiction (romance) reader...but I was feeling a little shallow in my choices so far, so I'm throwing in my favorite Non-fiction (besides the Bible). Great book...even better Bible Study tool. If you ever have the chance to do this Bible study - DO IT! Our women's group went through it - it took two years, but absolutely worth every day of it! In fact, I want to do it again!!!

So there you have it. A bunch of stuff about me...it feels a little egotistical, but I hope you've learned something new. Speaking of something new...in the interest of learning more about some newbies out there I am tagging:

1. Debbie - The Hoffman Clan
2. Christine - The Ukraine Train

You're it!

6 salty messages:

Nataliya October 26, 2007 at 7:51 AM  

Very cool - I enjoyed getting to know you more! We also skipped our summer vacation this year because of adoption costs. We usually go to Wildwood, New Jersey, and my daughter couldn't understand why we couldn't go to the ocean this year.

E. October 26, 2007 at 8:03 AM  

My husband's family has roots in the Bloomington-Normal area. Geeze, I wonder if my FIL was sending his crazy letters to the editor to the Pantagraph when you were there?

Gail,  October 26, 2007 at 8:04 AM  

I like your book choices. I read mostly christian romance fiction too. Do you read Beverly Lewis? Her last one was wonderful!!

kate October 26, 2007 at 2:04 PM  

OT: I often ponder how amazing it will be if your "Maddie" actually looks like the little on on your header...

Tami October 26, 2007 at 9:13 PM  

Kate...I've often thought about that too! :) The funny thing is...that little girl looks alot like I did as a child.

Debbie October 28, 2007 at 4:15 PM  

Hi, Tami--thanks for tagging me! When I get a chance I'll participate in the meme. It's fun to learn more about my new cyberfriends. And now, off to read more of your blog!

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