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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I'm getting really bad at updating aren't I?
It's so weird.
I blogged nearly every day while we were in the process of Finding Maddie.
But since we've come home, I've found it difficult to find stuff to write about.
Maddie's adjustment is going well.
The other kids are doing fine.
I think I'm coming out of the other side of a relatively mild case of PAD (which I will blog about some day).
Life is settling into a new normal.
And normal around here means things are relatively quiet.
Okay...not really quiet, because what house with four kids in it is quiet?
It's more of a 'no major news' kind of quiet.
So, I'm struggling a little bit with what to blog about...
Here's where you come in...
I've seen other blogs do this and I've always found the results fun and fascinating.
Let's try a Q & A.
You provide the questions....
I'll provide the answers.
How does that sound?
It can be adoption related, kid related, Shad related, house related...just about anything.
From what color my curtains are in the living room to what kind of gas mileage I get in the mom-mobile...
I'm game.
So go ahead, ask away...


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