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q & a part 1

Saturday, June 28, 2008

I finally found some time to sit down and answer some of the questions you all supplied me a few weeks ago. Thanks so much for your help! My blogging drought was starting to get pretty severe! :) Your questions have given me inspiration. I want you to know I'm recommitting myself to blogging on a regular basis...but I need your help! If you don't hear from me, call me out on it. This is the only venue I have for writing right now. And I NEED to write.
To start off...a hodge-podge of questions ranging from the size of our family to the price of a train ticket in Ukraine. Oh, where to begin! :)

Mum to Six Boys queried..."How big a family do you want? *grin* I always thought I was going to have four!!! Look at me now! So, think before you answer! *grin*"

HA! I don't have to think before I answer! :)
It's four.
Always been four.
Shad wanted two, I wanted four...we intially compromised at three...and then I wore him down! :)
Every once in awhile he'll say, 'we have a lot of kids.' And I just smile! :) But I KNOW I would be pressing my luck to try for any more.

We're done.
Shad would tie me to the back side of an angry water buffalo before he'd let us go through this process one more time.
And I have to agree (for now ;)
We need to start our lives together. It seems as if life has been on hold for the last nine years as we've worked to build our family. Now it's time to sit back and enjoy. Okay...we may not be sitting - these kids will see to that. But we will definitely be enjoying! ;)

Tina in CT inquired...'Where do you find all the neat pictures in your blogs?"

I find them here and there, but mostly there. Google is a great source for pictures, the problem is finding ones that aren't copyrighted. That's a challenge.

Susan asked...'How much does a train ticket in Ukraine really cost? I have heard so many different ranges. And ditto to the other 2 questions asked."

Well, I know it depends on what class ticket you want to buy. We bought second class tickets for around 150 grivna one-way ($30 USD) for our first trip. I think it was similar for our overnight ride to Odessa. I could be totally wrong here. Can someone correct me?! :) The train wasn't totally awful. I never did look in the bathrooms...for more on my aversion check out Finding Maddie...but the ride itself was comfortable enough. I just don't sleep well while traveling.

Drew Michelle and Luke Paras said..."I would like to hear about PAD and what exactly you went through." and Sarah Halter said... What is PAD? and Christine said... I'm with Sarah. What is PAD? and Tina in CT said... I also want to know what PAD is.

Sorry ladies! I didn't mean to leave you hanging for so long! PAD is Post Adoption Depression. I'm planning a whole post on it, but let's just suffice to say, IT'S NOT FUN! Thankfully my bought this time was mild compared to when we adopted Anya and Nick. I didn't require medication...and while I don't think I'm completely over it, I do feel MUCH better. I'll be sure to fill you in later.

Nataliya said..."Just write about "quiet" things in your house :)"

WHAT quiet things! ;>)
Honestly, the only time it is quiet in this house is when the kids are sleeping...it is one of my favorite times of the day. Not because I don't want to be around them or anything...it's just that they look so angelic when they're sleeping. Anything they've done to drive me nuts that day quickly melts away when I see their innocent little faces.
It doesn't get much better than that.
The only thing better may be getting up before the kids do and having them come downstairs one at a time and climbing in my lap for a quick morning hug and rock in the rocking chair before starting their day. All of them have come to me for their morning cuddle from the very beginning (even Maddie). And while Alek thinks he's getting too old for this rutual and is only giving me quick hugs now, it is still my favorite time.

SG said..."Why did you choose over seas adoption?"

I'm saving this one for a post all it's own. The answer is so complicated, it will take more time. I'll just start by saying...it wasn't an easy decision to come to. I'll come back to this one! ;>)

MoscowMom said... No real question today... Just a friendly "hello"!

Hi! to you too! :) I've been really bad about checking blogs lately, so I'm glad you stopped by. Everyone needs to go check out her blog. Tamara lives in Moscow, has two darling girls and posts beautiful pictures of her life in Russia's capital city. Beside that, she has a great name! :)

Steve Eimers said...What is your biggest struggle/joy in your day to day "grind"? It is great to hear the 'boring' stuff too! You never know what someone might see and take great interest or encouragement from. I always like pictures. Melissa E.

My biggest struggle right now is with patience. I've never been an overly patient person...and kids don't have the tendency to bring out the best in me. I'm getting better though...and so are the kids.
It's a daily struggle.
Honestly, Maddie and her quirks have added to my battle. I don't handle direct disobedience well, and I can never tell if she's disobeying or not hearing me.
UGH! It drives me nuts.
God is always stretching us, isn't He? Getting us out of our comfort zone and molding us into what He wants us to be. Evidentally He REALLY wants me to be patient!
Strangely enough (or more accurately, amazingly enough) Maddie is also one of my biggest sources of joy. Seeing her experience new things for the first time is amazing...and experiencing her giggles, smiles and hugs is the best tonic for a grumpy day.
As I've said a million times, I wouldn't trade Maddie for ANYTHING.
I NEVER in a million years thought I would have what it takes to parent a special needs child.
I guess those patience lessons are starting to pay off. ;>)

6 salty messages:

Kristina June 28, 2008 at 6:37 PM  

Hi there :)
I found your blog not long ago, and love reading it. Your children are beautiful.
I find for myself that when I ask for patience, or strength from God, He will do all He can to make me stronger and more patient. It's never an easy road, but it's possible.
I have faith you will get their in time with Maddie.
Prayers sent your way.

MamaPoRuski June 28, 2008 at 11:10 PM  

I like this post, my question comes on how you manage to post your favorite blogs and their most recent posts on the side? And also why mine is not on there. :( LOL!
God Bless!

Tami June 29, 2008 at 5:18 PM  

You're there! I just checked. Unfortunately the list isn't alphabetical so it's sometimes hard to find. Maybe I should change that. Anyway...the list is a new option offered by blogger. Just go to "Edit Layout" and add a new element. It will bring up an option for blog list. It's easy! And you can add stuff from Google Reader! :>) I need to double check my list. Actually what I really n eed to do is find the time to create my own list...so I can break it down by category. Oh my! That OCD side of me is coming out again. ;>)

Debbie June 30, 2008 at 6:10 PM  

Thank you so much for continuing to share!!

Troy and Rachel July 1, 2008 at 9:21 AM  

What agreat idea to answer all the questions from readers. I'll be looking forward to upcoming posts on the topics mentioned. I'm with you on the patience part. I pray every night for more of it!!

Ashley July 1, 2008 at 7:11 PM  

I love this Q & A post! I may do that one day on my blog...it is really neat having people ask questions they want to know about you. I enjoy reading your blog so much and learning more about your family. :)

Thank you for being such an encourager on my blog! Your comments really helped while I was in Ukraine. Thanks again!

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