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Friday, September 26, 2008

With all the talk on Sunflower Seeds about changing the name, I started wondering...

'What's to stop me from just starting another blog?'
There has been so much I've wanted to write on Sunflower Seeds, but have hesitated to do so because...well, because Seeds is more about our family.
about our adventures...
our adjustments...
our life.
But there's nothing to say I can't have a blog of my own.
I loved the Sage Brush idea so much, I decided to cherry pick it and use it for the title.
So what are you going to find here?
My reactions.
You can read about our adventures on Sunflower Seeds...and then come over here and find out what was going through my mind.
Kind of like sneaking a peak in your sister's diary.
Except I won't tell mom!

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