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Monday, October 27, 2008

During the last nine months we have become audiology experts. Okay, maybe not experts, but certainly more educated than most about the workings of the inner ear. Its a requirement when dealing with our special needs child.

We've learned about decible levels, sound waves and cochlea....
the hammer, anvil and stapes.
Actually I learned all this stuff, turns out Shad already knew most of it.
But all that new-found knowledge did me absolutely no good today.
The school district's audiologist (I didn't know ANY school district had an audiologist) called. He said the kids had their hearing screenings today. The boys did great, but Anya's test showned some signs of hearing loss in one ear and limited movement in her other ear drum.
Not again.
Anya has had this happen each of the four years she has been in school. Starting with her preschool hearing screenings right on up to second grade. Every year we get the same result...in one ear or another. And every year I take her to an audiologist for further testing...and every year she comes out clean.
Thankfully, this time I'm not going to have to use our health insurance (or lack thereof) to pay for this visit. Its free of charge.
Yea. Surprised me too.
The district's audiologist has a sound-proof room, just like our former ENT, where he can give her a thorough screening. When I told him of the incidents in the last three years, he was a bit surprised.
He was even more surprised when I mentioned her hearing impaired sister.
Hee-hee-hee. I just HAD to play with him a little bit. ;>) Don't feel too bad for him, I finally told them they weren't biologically related...and after further questioning, the reason for her hearing loss.
There was no getting around it. Anya is going to have to miss a little bit of school on Thursday to go in for yet some more testing.
Who knows, maybe there really is a problem.
Or maybe this is yet another case of fluid build-up in Anya's ears and once we start the usual treatment, she'll dry up and be just fine.
I wish they would just let me know a couple of weeks in advance when they're going to do tests. We could start her medication and save us all a bunch of time.

2 salty messages:

Troy and Rachel October 28, 2008 at 11:49 AM  

First off - Congrats to Alex on the championship!! I bet you really have become an expert on ears! If I have any questions, I'll know who to ask. I hope Anya's screening goes well.

Tina in CT October 29, 2008 at 5:32 PM  

Good luck with Anya's screening. Hope it was another false alarm.

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