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at the eleventh hour

Friday, December 19, 2008

One year ago...
Actually, eleven hours, 58 minutes...
She cut it pretty close.
Our American friend who came here hoping to adopt a little girl six weeks ago, may have finally found her daughter.
She went to her appointment yesterday without much hope. Her only chance lie in the fact that she got an unprecendented third appointment.
NOBODY gets three appointments.
Surely, there would be a little girl in the files for her to visit.
Still, she told us before she left for her 3 o'clock meeting that she expected to be back in the early evening to start packing for her flight home the next morning.
When she returned, instead of packing for her flight home to Louisiana, she boarded a train bound for the Odessa region last night.
She met the little girl this morning and fell in love.
Good things do happen here in Ukraine.
We may not be one of the success stories...time will only tell. But I am thrilled in the fact that this little girl will soon have a Mama who will love her, protect her and encourage her.
She will be in a loving environment full of possibilities.
Praise be.

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