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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I changed my mind. I can do that. Its my blog. :)
I've decided to post the memories on this blog and put my thoughts on Sage Brush. That's what SB was initially designed to be. My journal. Besides...I'm not coming up with anything brilliant right now to write about anyway.
I am also going to be posting pictures on each day from our trip. That is something I couldn't do a lot of while we were in Kiev. The dial-up speek was waaaaay too slow.
So here you go...
One year ago...
Saying goodbye to the kids was much harder than I thought it would be.
As we hugged the kids I kept whispering to them…’Daddy will be home soon, Daddy will be home soon.’
I couldn’t bear to remind them of how long I would be gone.
And I wasn’t prepared for how difficult it would be to walk away from my little ones. Those teary little faces kept popping over the divider as the kids jumped to sneak a peak over the frosted glass on the other side of security.
It broke my heart.
And Shad’s too.
We blew kisses and hurried toward the gate.
The last glimpse I had of my babies was as our plane pulled out of the gate and headed toward the runway. All three of them were lined up at a window in baggage claim waving.
Anyone teary yet?
I talked to Alek, Anya and Nick for a minute on Skype a little while ago. They were getting ready for school and Mom says they're doing fine.
On to happier news.
We’re here. It’s about 3:19 p.m. Kiev time and we’re finally settled in. Actually, we arrived a few hours ago and have been working to get a few things settled before taking a much-needed nap! We are staying in the Internat 12 – an orphanage for older children. Their deputy director, Bogdan, has set up a wonderful opportunity. The orphanage has a guest house they rent to traveling families, and all of the money goes back into the orphanage. And from what I hear, it’s cheaper than staying in the city’s center.
A win – win for everyone. (email me if you want Bogdan's contact information for your travel plans.)
We have a nice three room flat…a living room/bedroom combo, with a kitchen and bath. Everything is brand new…very nice. There’s even a washing machine. But we’re scheduled to move out of this apartment in a few hours and into a bigger one.
Bogdan has been a HUGE help to us. He volunteered to walk Meshack across the street to the grocery store to pick up some stuff – he even translated for us so we didn’t pick up the dreaded Kefir on the first try!
Bogdan came back with a internet card so we have unlimited internet access now – well, unlimited during the evening. During the day we share the phone line with the orphanage so we have to keep online stuff to a minimum. And he’s coming back by in a few hours to help us go to dinner.
Yep, it’s time for the great Kiev summit!
Mark, Courtney and another couple who has an appointment tomorrow will be there.
Both of those couples live near the city's center where the restaurant is, we on the other hand are going to have to take a bus (or two) and the subway downtown, before hiking the rest of the way.
I'm looking at it as an adventure. One of the kids who used to live in the orphanage (aged out), whom Bogdan works with, will ride the bus and metro with us to the restaurant. And then we get to ask the waiter to call us a cab to bring us ‘home’.
Yep…we’re living on the edge! ;)
Tomorrow we are supposed to meet with our facilitator, Lev, and go over what will happen at our appointment on Wednesday morning. Other than that it sounds like a free day, so we may try to talk that teenager into being our tour guide.
I'd better run. It's time to move to the new apartment.
Sorry, no pics for now. We have a VERY slow dial-up...it's going to take forever. I'll try to figure out something soon...although we didn't really get many pictures taken today.
I need to correct that tomorrow!
Ahhhh...the beauty of time is I can correct it now. ;)

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Tina in CT December 4, 2008 at 5:25 AM  

I had posted when you had this on Sage Brush.

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