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t minus 15 hours

Monday, December 1, 2008

One year ago...

We're ready.
Well, we're as ready as we're ever going to be.
The suitcases have been packed, packed and re-packed and are jammed full of everyday necessities and a few luxury items.
All that is left to do is get a good night's sleep, get showered and dressed in the morning and take off for the airport.
I would appreciate it if you could send up a quick prayer for Alek, Anya and Nick. They seem to be doing well...but it's just going to be a long three weeks without their dad and an even longer time without their mom. They're asking a lot of questions today and begging us to take a break and hang out with them. We're obliging as much as we can.
Yesterday didn't work out as well as we had hoped.
We got off to a good start. We took the truck back to the clinic so Meshack could 'officially' go on leave. We also took the pets down so Mom and Dad wouldn't have to worry about taking care of them while we're gone.
We were in and out in about 20 minutes.
Next it was on to the bank for 'the withdrawl'. That went pretty smoothly.
But then we hit a snag.
The kids wanted to go see a movie so we headed down to the big megaplex to try to catch Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium. A family flick and a Christmas theme to boot. It couldn't get any better. Except there weren't any showings until 4:30 p.m...and it was only 11 a.m.
We considered going bowling...
Or heading to KC for lunch at T-Rex...
But in the end decided to go grocery shopping and watch a movie together at home.
My mom and dad were headed in from Colorado and were supposed to arrive in the early evening and if we caught that matinee it would cut it awful close.
The kids were troopers.
I was disappointed.
All that buildup for a special day together and in the end it was the same as any other weekend could have been.
But ya know...I don't think the kids noticed that much.
We did take them to their favorite all-you-can-eat restaurant where we let them eat whatever they wanted for lunch.
No restrictions, no limits.
I thought they would load up on sugar...and they did.
By the time we left they were bouncing off the mom-mobile's walls from their sugar high. Nick was chanting, 'Sugar, sugar, sugar...yeah!' in the backseat while Anya was giggling hysterically and Alek was clapping and dancing in the back.
Meshack and I couldn't help but join in. It must have been that second chocolate chip cookie! :)
This morning we got up bright and early to head down to Alek's basketball games.
He played great. His team won both games and he scored a basket (it was a 3-pointer if you ask me ! ;) and had a steal!) It was made that much sweeter by the fact that Papa and Grandma were able to watch his games.
Then we came home, did laundry and finished packing.
Now, I'm paying bills while Shad is dragging four, very heavy, bags down the stairs. Two suitcases and two carryons. Not too bad.
I'll try to post a quick goodbye before we hit the road tomorrow, but if I don't, I'll see you in Kiev!
Talk about nerves. I was a nervous wreck at this point. I packed and repacked that suitcase no less than three times that night. And I didn't sleep a wink. All I could think about having to sit in an airplane for more than 12 hours and that I was getting ready to leave my three wonderful kids to go on a journey into the unknown. At least we knew what we would face if we would have gone with Russia. Ukraine was completely unknown. Some days I still find it amazing that we traveled halfway around the world five times to bring our four kids home.

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Tina in CT December 1, 2008 at 6:08 PM  

I remember reading your post a year ago and the numberous trips to Wal-mart and your suitcase and boot shopping. Aren't you glad that it's all behind you?

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