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Friday, January 23, 2009

One year ago...
We have the Tax ID number.
Boy...that was easy. I hate to even mention how easy it was because it has caused so many other people such headaches. Lev was in and out in a couple of hours.
While he was doing official stuff...I was doing fun stuff.
I took our cab over to the orphanage and visited Maddie.
It was the first time I had seen her in two days...and she was THRILLED!
As soon as she saw me she ran across the room and threw herself into my arms yelling, 'Maaaama, Maaaama, Maaaama...' in her cute little Ukranian accent.
It melted my heart.
She took me by the hand to the play room where we sat down and started digging through her backpack.
While she was trying to figure out what to play with first, I chatted with the French couple.
'Have you been sick,' the wife asked.
'No...just paperchasing.'
'Aaaah,' she said with a knowing smile. 'Well, Maddie missed you very much. When she saw we were here to play, but you were not, she cried and cried and cried.'
Awwwww...she missed me! I'm so glad she missed me. I mean, I don't want her to HAVE to miss me...but I'm glad she did.
I'm just sorry she HAD to.
Good news though.
Starting tomorrow...she won't HAVE to!
Tomorrow is GOTCHA DAY!
Can I get a 'woohoo'?!!
Tomorrow Maddie leaves orphanage life behind her forever and starts a new one with the crazy clan I call my own.
Her life will forever change. I can't even begin to imagine what she will be thinking as we take off in a car, probably for the first time; ride a train - I know for the first time; ride in a plane - obviously for a first time; and meet her brothers and sisters, for the very first time.
There will be a lot of firsts in the next few days, but first we have some more paperchasing to do.
It's pretty simple stuff. The only thing holding me in Odessa right now is waiting for the passport. Once I have that I can return to Kiev (via train...ugh) where we will do the embassy bit.
Been there...done that...and I have three kids in t-shirts to prove it.
I can handle that part.
Then we get to come home. Hopefully in the middle of next week.
I can't wait.
Meanwhile...I've got stuff to do here.
I went shopping today for gifts. It's customary for adopting families to give gifts to the orphanage staff on their going-away day. I have to admit - I've always HATED this part.
I'm not good at giving gifts...especially to complete strangers.
And there are no gift cards here.
So I went with the old stand-by.
Chocolate, candles and if they're high-ranking...a pen set.
Easy peasy.
I hope they don't think it's too cheesy.
I also went shopping for a set of boots for Maddie to wear when she leaves the orphanage. Did you know even the most simple pair of snow boots run $70?
So I bought her rain boots.
They're ugly too. But at least she won't get her new pair of pink tennies all muddy. And if I let her wear them here, believe you me, she would get them muddy. Even if I carried her everywhere. The mud is incidious.
So I'll let her wear the nasty little pair of pink, plastic boots until we leave Kiev.
Lev complained her feet will get cold.
I told him she could wear extra socks.
Like I'm going to let my kid freeze.
You would think I hadn't parented any children before. None of my kids have never frozen off a toe. And I will have you know that it is colder at home than it is here, thank you very much. I think I know what I am doing!!!!!
Okay...rant over.
Back to happy stuff.
So tomorrow I bring Maddie home to the cool apartment on Boonina street.
And she begins a new chapter in her life.
I wonder what it will be called.

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