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court date

Saturday, January 10, 2009

One year ago...
Honestly, after all of the craziness of the past few days, court was a breeze. We were in and out in less than an hour - much quicker than it had been for the other three kids.
The only snag was when Lev indicated it could end up being a rather informal hearing, held in her office instead of an actual courtroom. Instead she decided to go ahead and go through all of the formalities.
That was fine with us...no use in doing anything that could come back and bite us later.
We walked into the courtroom shortly after 11:30 - about a half an hour late.
They started by asking us to introduce ourselves and give a statement as to why we were adopting. The only other questions they asked where to find out if Meshack felt like he could support a family of six...and if I would have the time to devote to yet another child.
Then the inspector, orphanage lawyer and prosecutor made some statements. Lev didn't feel the need to translate every last word for us. He just gave us the idea of what was going on. Evidentally at one point the lawyer decided she wasn't fluent enough in Ukranian to continue and asked if she could continue her testimony in Russian.
Everyone giggled at the comment except the judge who solemnly said, 'Da' and the lawyer continued.
After they were done, the judge asked us again if we indeed wanted to continue with our petition. We said, 'Da'. She stood up, and together with the two witnesses left the room.
They came back 10 minutes later and declared us Nastya's parents...and changed her name.
That was it.
Quick. Easy. Flawless.
The only part of this process to be so.
Now it was time to go eat lunch...and then we could visit our new daughter.
Boy that sounds good! :)

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