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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

One year ago...
Today is the day the court decree goes into effect. The 10 days of waiting are behind us and now we get to start the next round of paper chasing.
So, while I'm technically a mom of four beautiful kids now, I don't actually get custody of her until sometime later this week. I'll let you know when 'gotcha day' will be.
In the meantime, I'm chasing the all elusive paper.
Lev arrived around 9 a.m. and told me I needed to cancel my cab that would take me to the orphanage. We needed to run around all over town and wouldn't have time for my morning visit. So I didn't get to visit Maddie today.
Maybe tomorrow.
Instead, I waited for Lev to change and then we headed to the courthouse to pick up the court decree. Evidentally there were quite a few changes that were going to need to be made, so Lev was just planning to drop it off and we would pick it up later.
It took an hour to drop it off.
(Insert hysterical laughing here...I'm at that point people! ;)
When Lev was finally done (I have no idea why I was even needed) we left and went back to the apartment and then out to lunch.
We dined at a cafe we ate at with Shad 10 days ago (has it really only been 10 days?!). I had a really good grilled chicken and rice. While we were eating I got a phone call. It was Sandra. She was on her way to Odessa...and could I use a roomie?
What fun!
Lev and I headed back to the apartment and met Sandra on the street corner. It was so good to see her again! :) We dropped her stuff off at the apartment, and after checking with Lev (who said he didn't need me at the courthouse), we headed out to explore the city. I took her to all the places I had been shown just a few days ago and gave her all the trivia I could remember.
She was impressed...I could tell! ;>)
We finally made it back to the apartment and talked until Sandra fell asleep...she hadn't really slept since she left the states so I guess I shouldn't assume she thought my conversation skills were lacking.
Tomorrow it's more paperchasing. We're supposed to go back to the courthouse to pick up the final decree and then head out to the town where Maddie was born to get the birth certificate changed.
After that, we'll try to get as much of the rest of it done as we can.
Hang on! We're in the home stretch!!!

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