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what day is it anyway?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

One year ago...
I've reached the point where I'm having a hard time keeping track of what day it is.
It's kind of scary to admit...but I'm choosing to blame it on the fact that I went so long without any measureable amount of sleep...the time difference...and not going to church last Sunday.
It's certainly not because I'm losing my mind or anything.
I've resorted to checking the computer calendar to make sure of the day...although that can be deceiving as well, because the clock is still set on Central time.
Speaking of time..
I had a good visit with Maddie today, although it was a little short.
I think the regular OES office workers were out this morning, because my cab didn't get called. I finally called the office and the cab showed up five minutes later, but I had already lost valuable time. Since the orphanages operate on a strict schedule, a half an hour gone is a half an hour gone. There's no making it up.
By the time my cab pulled up the kids were heading outside for recess.
Maddie was thrilled to see me. I bundled her up in the obligatory layers, even though it was over 40 degrees. I kept thinking how nice it would be to just put her in a coat, gloves and boots (for the mud) and call it good. At least then the kid could move.
We were good though and bundled up and headed outside.
It was a muddy mess...which meant the kids ended up a muddy mess.
I'm so glad I don't have to do all of that laundry! :)
Before we knew it, it was time to go in and time for my visit to end. Again, Maddie had a difficult time letting go, although there were no tears this time. I promised to come again the next morning (although I'm sure she didn't understand) and made my way back down the stairs and over to the administrative building.
The ladies in the administrative building are really nice. They try so hard to be helpful...but sometimes it feels a little smothering.
Take this morning for instance.
They insisted I stay in the building to wait for the taxi....they pantemimed the driver would ring the bell when he arrived.That would be great, but I know from experience the driver NEVER ends up at the right address. There's another orphanage next door and they ALWAYS go to that gate instead.
Going against my better judgement, I sat down to wait. I figured they were just trying to be nice...letting me stay in the warm building (although it was so warm it would have been kind of nice to wait outside.)
Besides...maybe they knew something I didn't.
So I waited...
and waited...
and waited...
He didn't come.
Finally they called again.
He showed up about 45 minutes later.
What is with my luck with taxis today?!
Good news though...while I waited I found the phrase in my Russian book to ask for a cab. It's written in Russian cyrillic and English phonetic...so if my pronunciations don't work out I can show them the sentence in the book.
Also good news...I've established some sort of report with the administrative office workers and when I come in, they know what to do. They just smile, say something that ends in taxi...I say, 'da', and they make the call.
By the time I got home I was famished...it had been a long time since my strawberry nutri-grain bar, so I fixed a PB&J and sat down at the computer to catch up on all my bloggie friends.
In my inbox was an email from some fellow bloggers who live only a few hours away from us at home, and are here in Odessa. They had the same SDA appointment date as us and have been here ever since.
You think we had it bad.
Their story is amazing.
Steve and Gail invited me over for dinner and I jumped at the opportunity. They are also staying at the OES...but at a different location. So I walked the four blocks to their apartment carrying a box of chocolate chip cookies as my offering for dessert after a dinner of spaghetti, salad, peas and french bread.
Mmmmmm....a home cooked meal.
Meshack and I had pretty much lived off of sandwiches and fruit. Most evenings we were too tired to make any real effort at supper.
It was nice to have a hot meal.
And it was nice to have great conversation too.
Steve, Gail, their facilitator and oldest adopted son were all there...the five of us squeezed around a table meant for four and shared adoption tales and talked politics and religion to our hearts content.
It was nice to have someone to talk to...I'm getting tired of the sound of my own voice.
Before I knew it, it was time to head home. I needed to get to sleep early so I could be ready for the phone calls from the kids in the middle of the night.
Steve and Gail said they'd give me a call and let me know about Wednesday church services at the local church they're attending.
I can't wait.

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