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pop goes the fourth

Saturday, July 4, 2009

If there's one thing Emerald Citians love, its fireworks.

It was a lovely day full of stars and stripes, hot dogs and brats, parades and fireworks.
If there's one thing Emerald Citians love, its fireworks.
Like no place on earth...except for maybe Ukraine.
Suuuuure...all towns have their pyromaniacs...but Emerald Citians take it to a whole other level.
Its midnight...and its STILL booming outside...and the town fireworks show ended an HOUR ago!
This is the one time of the year I almost envy Maddie her hearing impairment. She is blissfully sawing logs, while the rest of us are sitting laying on our beds, trying desperately to block out the bang, bang, bang of our neighbors celebrating.
Actually its more than just a bang here and there. One particular firework shook the house not too long ago. I'm kind of concerned that someone may have gotten hurt...but I don't hear any sirens, so I guess the fools are okay.
Thankfully, the REALLY bad offenders, aren't at home this weekend. We have a couple of sets of neighbors who go all out on the Fourth. In years past, Shad has seen them at the neighborhood fireworks stand buying whole cartfuls of fireworks. Tonight their homes are dark...and so far there's no sign that they're anywhere around.
That's a relief because SERIOUSLY...they are RIGHT across the street on BOTH sides. Its like Pop Goes the Fourth in stereo...without the orchestra.
Oh, but we did have music tonight!
The kids and I were standing out in the middle of our street watching the city's fireworks display - because our town is small enough that we can do that. (We didn't get to go to the fairgrounds for a closer look because Nick decided to get snarky this afternoon so he went to bed for the night at 5 p.m.) And in between booms we could hear the wonderful sound of the street dance. We only live a couple of blocks away from downtown Emerald City where they have the street dance and beer garden...but somehow in the six years we've been here, I've missed the concert.
Not this year.
In fact, I have the windows open and I can STILL hear the music.
Good thing the fireworks are keeping me awake. I'd be missing out on this band's very creative version of 'All My Ex's Live in Texas.' I know you ALL are incredibly jealous and wish you could be here to hear this great concert yourself.
I guess I'll just have enjoy it myself...maybe you could join me next year. ;>)

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Drew, Michelle, Luke and Sage July 5, 2009 at 6:24 PM  

When we lived in Orlando we lived right behind Disney World. Until they built the home next door we could see the fireworks from our lanai.

When we first moved to the area I kept thinking I was hearing gun shots then I finally figured out that I was hearing them every night at 9 pm!

We saw some awesome fireworks put on by Disney. The New Years celebration was amazing!

Tina in CT July 5, 2009 at 6:38 PM  

Are the big fireworks legally for sale in your state like in the Carolinas? Driving to FL, the signs start I don't know how many hours before one gets to South of the Border.

One neighbor has some tiny little things they let off but it was on July 3rd.

The dog and I were home quietly watching the July 4th Celebration on the Mall in Washington, DC, on PBS. I cranked up the volume and sang along (especially when Jerry Lee Louis performed & the stars from Jersey Boys doing the Frankie Valli songs).

Still home with the shingles and tired.

Annie July 5, 2009 at 9:20 PM  

Actually, that sounds like EXACTLY what I was looking for! And, didn't find...with our cool, cloudy weather. A city parade is just NOT like a small town parade. Sadly. And we had to watch fireworks from a mall parking lot... Yuck.

Our dog (remember the pit bull?) is so scared of fireworks, that even as I try to type this SHE is trying to crawl into my lap. Sorry, Rosie - you just AREN'T a lapdog.

Sarah Halter July 6, 2009 at 9:01 PM  

If it makes you feel any better, we have crazy firecrackers going off all through the day and halfway through the night all summer. It peaks around the 4th of July (when there are real fireworks that are pretty and not just crazy loud booms and pops!) but it goes ALL the time.

There's a lady in the neighborhood who sells firecrackers from her house and gets lots of business from the kids and adults around. It hardly phases the cat anymore!

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