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Friday, October 30, 2009

I can't stand them - my imagination is waaaaay too overactive to handle it.

I hate Halloween!
Not only do my kids get WAY overstimulated...and loaded with insane amounts of sugar...they're also subjected to all kinds of scary stuff, that quite frankly, their little minds aren't ready for. My tween, Alek, is starting to be exposed to more and more of this stuff. And honestly, I'm not really okay with that.
Shad and I have kept things pretty tame around here. We don't allow the typical kinds of movies most kids are allowed to watch. A PG-13 in this house, means our kids won't be watching them until they're at least 13. Scary movies are pretty much out for the kids - I can't stand them - my imagination is waaaaay too overactive to handle it, so if Shad wants to watch something on the frightful side the poor guy is pretty much on his own.
But this year Alek has started showing an interest in scary things. Nothing gory - thank goodness - but they must be talking about this stuff at school quite a bit because he's come home telling some amazing ghost stories...some of the stuff, quite frankly, I'm a little freaked out by myself. (I TOLD you my imagination is over-active. If I can be freaked out by an 11-year-old telling a ghost story, I must be REALLY pathetic! :)
This year we took a big step and allowed him to go to a haunted house with some of his sixth grade friends and tonight he's at a Halloween Party.
Last night, after I finished putting Nick to bed, prayed with him, kissed him goodnight and shut the door, I walked down the hall to the girls room to tuck them in.
And then I heard it...an audible wail.
I went back to Nick's room and found him curled up on his bed, sobbing.
Turns out the boy and his big brother were downstairs this morning, while I was getting ready for work, watching a scary show Alek had taped on the DVR. They watched it...laughed about it...and were fine.
Until last night.
It started out innocently enough. As they were getting ready for bed, they had started talking about Halloween...and then one of them remember the show - and in typical boy fashion, decided to recite every line in the movie verbatim.
Before they knew it they both were freaked out, but were too afraid to tell us what they had done, so they had put on a brave face as we had tucked them in, turned off the lights and shut the door.
As Nick confessed what had happened, Alek came in the room a little freaked out himself.
All I could do was love them, hug them, rock them a bit and tell them it would be alright.
We let Nick sleep on our bedroom floor, but Alek (the one who should have known better) had to return to his own room.
And then I snickered to myself.
That'll teach 'em.

4 salty messages:

Annie November 2, 2009 at 2:01 AM  

Is there some blogger culture thing about posting every day in November? Second person who just said this....and here I already blew the first day....

Maybe I should give it a late-night shot.

My Russians had already seen every horrible movie known to mankind. I was SOOOOO protective of my older two, but with these kids it would be a matter of closing the barn door after the horses are out... So, I try to keep things within limits...but no one has "issues" so it isn't much of an issue.

The only reason I hate Halloween is that everyone thinks they need a new $30-$40 costume each year. I'm not sure why - it isn't like this is a standard I've set! Just media, I guess. But I hate to disappoint them. I WOULD be fun.

Diana November 2, 2009 at 8:15 AM  

I'm right there with you on being a Halloween hater, too. It doesn't just freak my PTSD kids out, it tele-transports our entire family right to the center of Baghdad. The assults that come as a result feel much more like a war zone than anything that even remotely resembles anything cute or fun.

mrsbroccoliguy November 2, 2009 at 3:29 PM  

I'm with you on Halloween and freaky movies. Hate all that scary gory stuff. That story about your boys reminds me of that veggie tales "Where's God When I'm Scared" - when Junior freaks himself out. Guess it's like a rite of passage for kids. (boys especially, don't you think?)

Tami November 2, 2009 at 10:54 PM  

I had forgotten about that Veggietales movie!!! That's awesome. I'm going to have to pull that one out this week...ya know...for one more object lesson about listening to your mom because she's really isn't as STUPID as you think she is! :)

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