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bah! humbug!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

If I see another box mummy wrapped in packing tape with five labels written and crossed out in black magic marker in my lifetime, it will be too soon!

That's kind of how I'm feeling this year.
I can't get in the spirit of Christmas at ALL...and I can't seem to get anyone to cooperate in forcing myself to get in the mood.
Usually what helps me, is getting all the holiday stuff put up around the house. You know - wreaths, nutcrackers, thousands of little snowmen, a table runner or two, candles ad naseum and aaaah...yes, the tree.
This year, its not happening.
Shad is on strike. He refuses to bring up the stuff, until I go through the boxes that were still sitting around the living room.
YES!!! Six months after moving BACK to Kansas, I still had boxes sitting in the living room. What of it?! I am using the excuse that since starting my new (old) job, I haven't had the time. But six months after the move, that excuse was getting as stale as a month old donut.
The truth? Moving twice in 10 months burned me out on packing and emptying boxes. If I see another box mummy wrapped in packing tape with five labels written and crossed out in black magic marker in my lifetime, it will be too soon!
I don't WANT to unpack another box. I don't WANT to and you can't make me.
Yep. That pretty much sums up our arguments over the last couple of days. Well...I guess you'd have to include a great deal of whining on my part about how unfair his strike is and him reminding me that he pretty much moved us back from Wyoming himself, because I was too busy feeling sorry for myself. And then him having the audacity to say that all he's asking is that I unpack the 10 boxes in the living room.
He's so unfair! ;>)
Finally, I gave up on Shad. He wasn't going to see things my way, so I had Alek, Anya and Nick help me push the boxes to the dining room - so it would LOOK like I had gone through them, and then took Alek with me down to the basement I lovingly refer to as the 'dungeon'.
Our mission was to get the Christmas stuff out.
I can count on one hand the number of times I have been down in that basement. Its more of a cellar if you ask me, but according to my Facebook friends, its technically a basement because it has a cement floor.
Sooo...Alek and I decended the scary, narrow and way too rickety stairs into the bowels of our 150 year old house.
Yuck! It was not any better than I had imagined.
We quickly found the boxes, got them out of the basement, carried them back up the scary, narrow and way too rickety stairs and plopped them down in the middle of my living room.
And that's where they will stay...until I can find the time to get it all put up.
Which SHOULD happen sometime this week...I think.
Let's see...Monday night I have a hair appointment, and preparing for Ladies' Tea at church. Tuesday night is the Ladies' Tea, which Kedzie and I are both host a table this year - fun stuff. Wednesday night is AWANA - enough said. Thursday is the kids' school Christmas program and the practice for a new project that I need to tell you all about. And then there's Friday...aaaah...maybe Friday.
Yea. Right.

5 salty messages:

Diana December 6, 2009 at 11:01 PM  

Oh, baby! Shad would go berzerk at my house. Shoot, I'm going berzerk at my house because there are still boxes EVERYWHERE. It looks like we just moved in last week, except we moved in 3 months ago. And until my basement gets finished into actual usable living space, it's going to stay that way. Moving sucks! Glad you made the trek down there to retrieve your Christmas lovelies, though.

jessy December 7, 2009 at 1:31 PM  

He, he! You make me laugh when you are being just a teensy bit childish. I was right where you are last week.
The master and I had one of our worst fights EVER on the day we were supposed to go pick out the Christmas tree. My mom called right in the middle of it, and I remarked sulkily to her that I guess we wouldn't go to the tree farm after all. She paused and then said, "Jessica, be sure you don't punish your children for you and John's disagreement."
Ouch. But you know, she was right! (I hate it when that happens). So, I sucked it up (and he did, too) and went and picked out a tree. The kids had a blast, we have a gorgeous tree, and at the end of the day, we were both in a better frame of mind to work out our differences.

SLColman December 9, 2009 at 5:59 PM  

No Christmas decorating is going to be done at my house this year. NONE!!! One of the little joys of not having kids yet I guess. If I want to wallow in self pity and be a big bah humbug I can! LOL

adoptedthree December 16, 2009 at 10:43 AM  

Its all good. I started to redo our dining room- paint/carpet etc... before October to have it ready for the Holidays and dinner etc...
Guess what
all primer, no paint, crown molding on the floor, table covered.

Not gonna happen!

Tina in CT December 16, 2009 at 9:54 PM  

Where are you? At the mall shopping?

I'm freaking out worrying how I'll get all the packing finished, the last gifts delivered, find the bills to be paid, give the neighbor high schooler instructions (he's checking the house), try to make my short, broken nails look presentable and get enough sleep not to look like a wreck when I arrive.

It's -5 in Moscow so it'll be a big shock when I walk out of the airport terminal.

The Merriest Christmas to you, Shad and the children.

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