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she gets it

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Any time she saw other homes with lights on them she would say how 'boo-ti-full' they were and how they looked like "Kwisma-tie."

I think Maddie is starting to get the whole Christmas thing.
Of course, you would think an almost 6-year-old would have gotten it a long time ago, but while she did enjoy Christmas last year, I don't think she really understood what the fun was all about.
Emotionally she was still around three years old, the language barrier was huge and when you factor in her limited orphanage exposure to Christmas I have a feeling she may have just thought it was just one big party.
This year is completely different. Emotionally she's growing up (I would say she's maybe only six months to a year behind now), her English is great and she's been asking about Christmas since Halloween.
At first I thought it was because Anya's birthday was right around then and her brothers had told her she had to wait until after Christmas for HER birthday.
But then, she starting asking around Thanksgiving if we could make the house into "Kwisma-tie." Any time she saw other homes with lights on them she would say how 'boo-ti-full' they were and how they looked like "Kwisma-tie." Holiday movie promos on TV would prompt questions about Christmas-time. Everything was "Kwisma-tie."
Finally, a few weeks ago Shad and the kids set up the tree and Maddie was in Heaven. It was all so 'puuu-wittty,' and 'booo-ti-full.'
The girl was in awe...and was totally in the Christmas spirit.
Last night while we were on our annual Christmas light seeing tour, we went through a particularly beautiful display. The big town just a few miles away from the Emerald City has a great display in one of their HUGE parks. The entrance has a tunnel of lights, displays are spread throughout the park and hot chocolate and kettle corn are sold on the side of the road.
Its a feast for the eyes for these Christmas-lovers.
Anyway...as we were going through the park, we were talking about Santa, and about Frosty, and about all of the other characters on display, when I started thinking that I needed to start talking about the real reason for Christmas.

So I asked Maddie... 'Maddie, do you know why we celebrate Christmas?'

'Oh yet (yes) Mama," she said. "It Jesus Birf-day."

That did this mama's heart good.

She gets it.

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Tina in CT December 21, 2009 at 12:30 AM  

Very sweet. I'm sure Maddie is at a great age now to "get it" and enjoy all the merriment.

Diana December 21, 2009 at 6:57 AM  

Yeah for Maddie! My kids, especially Joseph, are much more into it this year and are showing much more understanding. Each year gets a little better. They're to the point now where they're almost on overload (which means more frequent meltdowns) but they're still having fun with it.

Bethany December 22, 2009 at 12:48 PM  

Excellent! This year the last few days of our advent calendar is building a second (smaller) nativity. Last night we talked about angels, Gabriel specifically, and Aaron asked Levi if he knew who Gabriel was. Levi said, "Oh yeah, I know all about him already. He told Mary to get married even though she was gonna have a baby before she was married." It is amazing to me that they can absorb so much of the good stuff when they are bombarded with all the other! Merry Christmas!

kate December 25, 2009 at 5:47 AM  

Wishing you all a Christmas filled with joy and wonder.

Annie December 27, 2009 at 11:48 AM  

You just reminded me of another memory I didn't want to forget!

I asked Ilya how he celebrated Christmas in Russia. He said that before he went to the Children's Home he didn't know there WAS such a thing - and he didn't know he had a birthday, either.

Poor little guy.

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