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they're back in schoooooool....

Friday, February 4, 2011

Looks cold, huh?
This morning at precisely 7:46 a.m., I dropped my precious, drowsy, slightly-grumpy children off at their respective schools, watched from the nice, warm Blue Mama as they trudged in the door and then raced home (as quickly as snow and ice would allow), ran in, slammed the door, dove for the couch and just drank in the quiet.
Silence is, indeed, golden.
Let's be honest here ladies (and gents - if there really are any of you out there)...
They were going batty...
They were at each others' throats...
They were driving me nuts...
Well, there's 'a reason' and there's 'the reason,' but that's for a whole different post. Let's just suffice it to say the children are better off at school where they have a teacher who has the patience to actually teach them stuff. 
I know that. I'm fine with that. God created me that way. I have other strengths. I'm confident in my role as their mother...
And I'm thankful that I am NOT their teacher.
Enough said.
What to do with all of this quiet? Hmmm...I could, perhaps, write an article that should have been done last Tuesday, but didn't get done because I had four kids at home clamoring for my attention, and I had another story also due at the same time so I called the first story editor up and begged for a later deadline and she said, 'That's fine...I know you'll get it turned it,' and I said, 'Thank you, thank you, thank you Ms. Editor, because you have saved my sanity."
And she laughed.
So today I write.
And tomorrow I will write.
And Sunday and Monday and Tuesday and probably Wednesday too.
Lots of writing...unless of course that prediction for more snow this weekend comes through.
And then all bets are off.

2 salty messages:

Jean February 4, 2011 at 10:51 PM  

I'm so glad you're blogging--I have missed you!

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