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Monday, May 9, 2011

Forgive me bloggers, for I have sinned...
It's been 60 days since my last post and I've really been holding out on you. (I had typed 43, but then I waited another 17 days to post this...boy, this is bad!)
Good. Let's get started. Before you lose all hope in my spiritual well-being, let's just say that's one of the things that has kept me busy over the last few months.
My business is off and running...at break neck speed. The only problem is keeping up with it. ;) That's a good thing, really. I just can't seem to find the time to do the other things I enjoy in life. But...good news! :) One of my goals for the coming days, weeks and months is to do a better job of keeping up with this blog. I need the therapy. You need the reading material. It's a win-win. ;)
I'm so serious about this, that I'm actually going to purchase my own URL. I haven't decided what to name it yet, but when I do I'll make sure to post it here so you can update your links. ;)
One of the reasons I want to get this blog back up and running relates to my newest venture.


a gig and my cool factor

Besides CrossRiver, I have this brand new thing where I go and speak to women about really spiritual stuff...and I try to make it sound like I know what I'm talking about. The thing is...I'm learning more just by preparing to talk, than I could ever share with these ladies in an hour.
But I'm giving it a good college try.
My first 'gig' was last month. 
Actually, it's more of an 'event' but I'm calling it a 'gig' to raise my cool factor a bit.
(Hmmm... Does saying, 'raising my cool factor,' kind of ruin the effect? May be.)
Anyway...I spoke to about 50 women...and I was scared to death.
Not of the women. Just the speaking.
The women were fine...nice even. But I was so worried about tripping over my own two feet or possibly tripping over my tongue and saying a 'bad' word in God's house. My nightmare scenario involved getting up in front of everyone and realizing I had a huge stripe of magic marker running across the front of my shirt (Having little girls who love to color will do that to you.) 
Prevention involved shopping for a whole new outfit...including shoes. ;)

Alek concentrating on his next pitch.
let's celebrate

I am now officially the parent of a teenager. 
Alek turned 13 on Saturday. 
I have to admit it, there are days when I never thought this day would arrive. And now that it has, I'm a bit flummoxed.
I am so incredibly proud of my Alek. He has grown into a young man with character. He's smart, funny, charming and oh, so handsome. He's doing great in school, has tons of friends and, thankfully, still thinks hanging out with his family isn't such a bad thing.
But it also means he's growing up...and for me, it's been way too quickly. I've had tons of encouraging comments over the last few days expounding the benefits of teenagers - how they're so much fun and if you can survive the horrid middle school years, you'll come out on the other side just fine.
I really don't doubt that for a minute, I'm just a touch saddened that I'm having to let go of my 'little' Alek...even though I am really enjoying my growing-up Alek. ;)
The good news is I'm pretty sure I'm not the only parent to have gone through this...so I'll be fine.

u-turn ahead

So, here's the thing. I really wasn't lying when I said I was holding out on you. Some of you already know this...especially if you're one of my bloggy turned Facebook friends. Or, if you happen to have the password to my password protected blog...or if you happen to live in the Emerald City...or if I happen to have used to have worked with you, but now don't but still sorta do and from time to time we see each other in the grocery store...
Hmmm...come to think of it, there's not too many people in the world who don't know this by now, which makes this even worse. If you're one of those people completely in the dark, I apologize. I really hadn't mean to hold out on you. It just happened. Kind of like one of those icky jr. high things where your hand accidently touched the guy behind you on the bus and he misunderstands and announces to all his buddies that you two are 'going out,'...and you don't find even remotely attractive.
Great mental picture, huh? Wow. I should write more often.
Anyway...Drumroll, please...

We're moving back to Grab-Your-Lasso.

(Insert chirping cricket here.)

I’m not kidding.

Shad has the opportunity to buy a practice there. He’s jumping at the opportunity…and he’s taking us with him.
It’s weird. I ’like’ the idea, but I’m nervous…about a lot of things. After a rocky start, we grew to love our time in Grab-Your-Lasso. The kids had made friends, so had I…and the services there for Maddie were unreal. If we would have stayed, I would dare to say she may have been able to go to first grade this year instead of spending a second year hanging out in Kindergarten.
With that being said though, there are a ton of plusses here in the Emerald City. The school is small…and THAT alone is worth everything to me. My kids have all kinds of opportunities…and I don’t have to worry about them getting lost in the crowd. They can play sports to their hearts content. I don’t have to worry about their teachers filling their minds with liberal propoganda behind my back – many of them attend our church or are friends’ of ours… I LOVE it that we really KNOW our kids’ teachers.
And really, that is what it all boils down to for me. Sure I’ll miss our friends and I’ll miss a good old-fashioned Kansas thunderstorm, but what I’ll really miss is the comfort in knowing that my kids are getting a good, quality education – without all of the outside negative influences we have to worry about elsewhere.
But I’m choosing to look at the positives here. We’re heading back to some beautiful country. Shad will soon be his own boss (after a few years). He won’t have to be on-call anymore and no more weekends – what’s not to love about THAT?! :)
We'll be waking up every morning to the view of a beautiful mountain range with some amazing hiking trails just a stone's-throw away. The grandparents will be able to see music programs, baseball games and we can go down for Sunday dinner.
And chances are, I’ll have some new blogging material on my hands soon. Something other than working my fingers to the bone in getting my new business up and running. Some new adventures for our clan. So…grab your ten-gallon, tie on that bandana and call your little doggies…we’ll be heading out soon.
Well... WE won't. Shad will. He's leaving in a few weeks to start the job. The kids and I, on the other hand, will stay behind to sort junk, mow the lawn, show the house and pack up.
Can you tell I'm thrilled?
Shad's going to get all the benefits of Grab-Your-Lasso living in the summer...while we sweat out one last Kansas summer.
Anyway...grab your hat...it's time you dusted it off. But do it quick! If you leave it setting around I'm liable to either a) pack it or b) throw it away. 
We've got work to do.

5 salty messages:

Anonymous,  May 9, 2011 at 11:22 AM  

Glad to hear your business is going so well! The spiritual speaking "gigs" sound like a great opportunity. You always learn so much more preparing for that kind of thing than you are even able to convey to your audience. Honestly? I would love to do speaking gigs because a). I'd learn so much; and b). It would be enjoyable for me. Not sure about those who would be listening to me, but whatevs. It ain't happening anyway.

Tina in CT May 9, 2011 at 9:19 PM  

Hopefully your house will sell quickly so you and the kids (and pets) can head out to Grab-Your-Lasso not too far behind Shad.

Will he house hunt while he's there?

What about your big animal - the alpaca? Does he go into the family mini van too to move to the new digs?

Tammy May 10, 2011 at 2:54 PM  

Great news for you all!! Happy to hear about your life again... it had been too long since you'd written. Let me know your new link, ok? write it to me on fb if you think about it! BLESSINGS on you all! Tammy

Troy and Rachel May 15, 2011 at 4:41 PM  

I was hoping to see a post from you soon! Glad you are doing well! You sound super busy!!! Happy 13th to Alek!

The Holmes Crew June 24, 2011 at 7:11 AM  

I've had blogging lapses as well, so all is forgiven :)

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