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while they're camping...

Sunday, September 4, 2011

I have, perhaps, the perfect husband. If not perfect...nearly so.
Guess what he did for me this afternoon? He took the kids camping...by HIMSELF.
See? I told you he was awesome.
I mentioned it on Facebook this afternoon, expecting oohs and aaahs...but I didn't expect the phone calls.
'Seriously,' one of them said. 'What did you have to promise this man?'
Nothing. Not a thing. I promise. He just decided he wanted to go camping and asked if I wanted to go along. Since I'm months behind on work, thanks to the computer debacle from the last two weeks, I hesitated. That's when he said he offered to take the kids by himself.
You could have blown me over with a feather. It has to be the best belated birthday present EVER.

So here I am, in a VERY quiet house, listening to blogtalkradio and working on projects that should have been completed months ago.
One of those projects is my ministry. I've felt a tug on my heart for a long time - as if God were reaching down, trying to get my attention and asking me to use the gifts he has given me for His glory.
About a year ago, I finally decided to listen. I left my job at the newspaper, came home, started CrossRiver and thought I was being obedient. After all, I was helping Christian authors and speakers build their ministries. That's good, right?
Evidentally, not good enough. He didn't let up. He dropped little hints here...not so subtle nudges there...and downright knocked me upside the head everywhere else.
Last spring I finally gave in and agreed to speak at a conference at my church. Even though I was terrified...I did it. And surprisingly enough, I LOVED it! :)
Now, I'm about to do it again. The people at Christian Woman's Soul asked me to speak at their fall event in October. That's when I decided it was time. I needed to take this thing seriously and start getting my online presence set up. So this weekend, I've worked on website design, set up a twitter account, signed up for a facebook account and even designed some print marketing materials. That way when I meet the women on Oct. 2, I'll have something to show them.
So...here's where you come in. Could you do me a favor? After you're done reading this blog, could you sign up to 'follow' it...then head over to Facebook and like my page and then follow me on Twitter?
It would be a big help...and prove to me, yet again, what I already know - besides my family, you all are my biggest support group.
And I couldn't do this without you! :)

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