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i heart beth moore...and my husband

Monday, September 12, 2011

I am a big Beth Moore fan.
I read her blog…take her Bible studies…I’ve even seen her in person a time or two. I kinda like her stuff. She digs deep into Bible study, scratching more than just the surface, giving her readers serious meat in their study.
So when I found out a local church was hosting one of Beth's simulcasts, I jumped at the chance. I could just imagine having a day to myself, making a bunch of new friends, singing with Travis Cottrell and finding the renewal my dry soul needed.
There was just one problem…our budget.
While the $20 ticket may not seem expensive, the move to Wyoming drained the savings account. Between the moving van, gas, housing deposit and eating out for a week, there was nothing left.
Nothing. Unless I wanted to jip my kids out of fruit for their school lunches, I would have to stay home.
Then, one afternoon, Shad walked down the stairs and handed me a little white piece of paper.
It was a Beth Moore ticket.
My hero.
As I hugged him, he told me the story of how he had gone back to the church early that morning, looked up the email address on the poster, wrote the woman and arranged to meet her at lunch to buy the ticket. All for me.
Sure, it was fun getting to see Beth Moore again...even if it was via an internet feed. But I think even better was witnessing yet again, how much this man truly does love me.
The question is...have I done anything lately to show him how much I appreciate him?

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