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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I wanted to share Vova's story today. It's a story of a boy who's been looking for a family for a long time...and he's running out of time.

My friend, Rachel has been instrumental in helping bring some much needed exposure to the needs of older orphans. I first met her online just after they brought their youngest daughter, Katya, home from Russia. We were just getting started on Ellie's adoption and I was intrigued by this woman who was willing to open her heart to a child I considered 'older'. (Katya was six at the time and I THOUGHT we were adopting a toddler. ;)

Last year, Rachel was asked to help with a hosting program. She was part of a team that went to Ukraine to visit orphans, interview them and then make the heart-wrenching decision on who to recommend for hosting. While she was there she fell in love with the kids and has become an incredible advocate for them...especially the older boys. Her family ended up hosting and falling in love with their host son, Sergei. They are now in the process of adopting him and hope to travel sometime in the next month or so.

The kids who were hosted during the summer are eligible for a Christmas hosting trip and Rachel's heart is breaking for a boy named Vova. Her parents hosted him this summer and while they adore the boy, they just aren't in a position to host him again.

Unfortunately, no one has stepped up to host Vova for Christmas.

This where we come in. TODAY is the hosting deadline. Because of his age, this will be Vova's last opportunity to be hosted...and undoubtedly his last opportunity to find a family.

PLEASE read Rachel's post below and then consider this question...What can I do to help?



There are less than 48 hours left. The hosting deadline is looming, and Vova remains unchosen. I just don't get it: why some kids are chosen and others passed over. He is a GREAT kid AND he has a $1250 scholarship! (Will be $1325 in the a.m.) I have spent time with him - he is FUN and easy to be around. I KNOW that any family that chose to share their holidays with him would be BLESSED by the experience (as much as he would be). At 15 1/2, this is his LAST CHANCE to participate in the host program, and I know that he wants to return to spend Christmas in America. I hope that this will not be just another in a series of disappointments for him. PLEASE*, if you are considering hosting, would you consider Vova?

In a last ditch effort to advocate for this kid before hosting closes, I am asking if any of you reading who are able might consider chipping in to bolster his scholarship. Any amount, large or small, is so greatly appreciated! Even $5...it all adds up, and hopefully could tip the scales in his favor and make the difference.

You can use this link below to make a tax-deductible donation. Please write "Vova, U-10" in the comment line when donating.

If you are wondering about the state of our adoption...well, the next 48 hours are big for us as well. As evidenced by the lack of posts, Nov. 1 came and went with no news from Ukraine. I had just about resigned myself to rehosting at Christmas when we got an email on Friday that our facilitators feel very confident that appointment dates for a few families (including ours) will be given out this coming week. If it turns out to be true, we will likely be traveling to Ukraine in early December. (And would break it into two trips, returning to bring him home in January.) However, having promised Sergiy that if everything was still in limbo, we would rehost him at Christmas, and the rehost deadline looming on Tuesday, the 15th, this is all cutting it a little too close for my comfort. We probably will not hear anything tomorrow (Monday), but Tuesday is hopeful.

Although Monday is my birthday. Hearing news would be the best gift I could hope for. Wouldn't that be awesome?!

Sergiy broke the charger to his cell phone last week. I had just put more money on his phone, only to receive a text from him that I decoded to read "Mama, my charger is broken. Will have to buy a new one. Battery almost dead." My reply back, "Do you have money to buy a new one?" went unanswered. My friend is going to help me call him at the school tomorrow so we can figure out how to remedy the charger situation. Otherwise, when I DO get news, I will have no way to share it with him. And, he is getting anxious for news too, as the days go by, which makes it hard.

Don't worry, I will let YOU know too. You will probably hear me scream for joy, wherever you are. But I will post too. ;)

*Apologies for the ALL-CAPS...makes me feel like I am shouting. But this is seriously important, people! =)

P.S. My parents truly enjoyed their time with Vova. However, they have grandkids older than he is! They are just not in a life stage where they feel called to adopt. They would love to rehost him, but initally stepped back to give him a chance to find a forever family situation. Now, they are not able to rehost him because of the timing of our adoption, and needing to be available to help me with our kids. I just wanted to throw that out there in case anyone is wondering why they have chosen not to rehost him. It has nothing to do with him!!!


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